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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Remember those times when we were gaming during school lessons under our desks on those bulky indestructible old cellphones? So why not having the most famous retro arcade shooter right on your wrist? Now you can relive those moments under the office desk. On your watch. Dive into Space Impact Watch world as you remember it, but with many advancements! - full load of all eight old school levels including bosses exactly as you remember them. You can put your muscle memory to a good use. - crispy sharp graphics with same retro sprites, but without the ghosting effect from old 84x48 displays. Now you can finally clearly see what's happening on that tiny screen. - revolutionary (and adjustable!) controls with gestures and Digital Crown movement - great satisfaction from using one of three special weapons - worldwide leaderboard using Apple Game Services. Can you make it to the TOP 100? - infinite mode. Did you finish all the levels and don't have enough? With this feature you can smash alien enemies as long as your skills allow! - butter-smooth movement and animations thanks to powerful CPU of your watch Space awaits you on your wrist!

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