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DPFTRAC has industry-standardized procedures built-in that ensure a successful step-by-step DPF cleaning process every time. DPFTRAC sports a built-in database that has hundreds of frequently updated DPF part numbers: Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Paccar, Yanmar, DCL, Renault, Mitsubishi, International, Mack, Volvo, Isuzu, Johnson Matthey and many more. This DPFTRAC database with accompanying certified pressure ranges and filter dimensions are now available at the technician's fingertip. DPFTRAC is a proven pioneer in effective DPF tracking and cleaning. DPFTRAC has processed over 10,000 diesel particulate filters owned by individuals and major corporations throughout the USA and Canada. Never have to worry again if your DPF filter is properly red tagged, orange tagged or green tagged. DPFTRAC automatically detects all of these conditions for you DPF technicians persistently say the DPFTRAC iPad app is "easy to use." DPFTRAC's easy touch navigation buttons and components respond perfectly, even when "plastic protective gloves" are worn during the DPF cleaning and data entry process. DPFTRAC is an excellent forecasting tool for service and fleet managers responsible for maintaining heavy duty trucks. Managers are better able to predict service maintenance needs and replacement parts requirements in advance based upon DPFTRAC's data obtained during the DPF cleaning process. For each DPF part number selected in DPFTRAC, the DPF's dimensions and pressure ranges are auto-filled onto the DPFTRAC input screens used during DPF cleanings. What about part number updates? DPFTRAC's database of parts is frequently updated when DPFTRAC makes available new releases on the Apple App Store. _____________________________Some of DPFTRAC reviews...... “This is awesome. Perfect.” "Genius." "A must have." “It’s a great tool.” “Even better with the pressure ranges on the worksheet.” “Really pretty slick. I really like that thing. Easy to monitor.” “Perfect. You guys are going to make our lives easier.” “Adds value to our organization.” "Can't skip over DPF cleaning steps." “This is easy to use and better than the paper form because we get the paper forms dirty and messy, can't read it, and we have to do it over." "Easy to print the [DPF] Cleaning History Worksheet from the iPAD and email to office. Really nice!" _____________________________ DPFTRAC, Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System, helps extend the life of DPFs using an automated cleaning guide, Pete Trap. This means more precise DPF cleanings every time, reduced production downtime, and confidence that future DPF maintenances can easily be scheduled adequately in advance. DPFTRAC allows you to add a new part number to the DPFTRAC system if that part number isn't in the system. DPFTRAC will periodically certify these new parts and automatically update the DPFTRAC part number database for future ease of use. DPFTRAC is free to download and free to register with the developer, RAVHD. Authorization to use DPFTRAC is required from RAVHD. DPFTRAC will download and install quickly on any iPAD for registration. However, DPFTRAC is designed to look and run perfectly on 9.7" or 10.2" iPAD device (IOS 11.0 or higher). DPFTRAC is trusted by trucking industry leaders such as Inland-Kenworth, Paccar, Pacific Truck Parts, Bolingbrook Fleet Services, Becs Pacific, City View Bus Sales, Porter Truck Sales and many others corporations in the USA and Canada. DPFTRAC is adaptable to almost any DPF cleaning environment as proven by its successful deployment and use deep inside a Montana mine at SibanyeStillwater. DPFTRAC welcome new users. Download DPFTRAC and get started cleaning your DPF the right way today. A clean DPF equals a happy DPF owner.

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