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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



SafeNet MobilePASS+ is a next generation software token that offers secure one-time passcode generation on mobile devices, as well as single-tap push authentication for enhanced user convenience. Integrating out-of-the-box with leading cloud apps, security gateways and VPNs, SafeNet MobilePASS+ features set-and-forget lifecycle administration, making it ideal for extending secure access to consultants, partners and a dispersed workforce. For users, SafeNet MobilePASS+ offers a frictionless experience thanks to easy QR code activation, optional biometric PIN and a choice of standard OTP and push authentication modes. In push mode, whenever a protected resource is accessed, a push notification is automatically sent to the user’s device. The user taps the MobilePASS+ notification, taps to approve the login request and is then logged in to the resource. If a PIN policy has been defined, the user then enters their alphanumeric PIN or uses TouchID / FaceID to enter their biometric PIN (optional). You can approve login requests directly from the lock screen -- simply open the push notification, tap Approve and then authenticate on your device to get access to your online resource. As of MobilePASS+ v1.6, you can now experience a seamless authentication process to access your tokens and passcodes with a fully renovated user interface. Permissions SafeNet MobilePASS+ requires access to the camera only if enrollment via QR Code is enabled

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