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Join over 5 million Australians using the CommBank app. Bank with confidence anywhere, anytime. Make payments • Use your device to make fast, easy, secure payments with Apple Pay • Receive, make and split payments using PayID, a mobile number or account number • Paying with cash? Withdraw up to $500 from a CommBank ATM using Cardless Cash Manage bills & payments • Pay a bill or set up recurring payments with BPAY® • Get bill reminders and notifications to help pay on time • Pay your credit card, change your credit limit, lock payments, or set a spending cap Track your spending & saving • Saving for something? Set a goal with Goal Tracker • Stay in control of your spending with Spend Tracker • Get Transaction Notifications when you spend or receive money Everyday banking • See your account balance and transfer money between accounts • Find your nearest ATM or branch • Activate, lock, cancel or replace your card Need help? • Ask Ceba our virtual banking assistant your banking questions • Use click to call to skip the automated questions and connect to the right person Getting started If you don’t bank with us, you can open an account in the app. To use the app you’ll need iOS 10 or above and have your phone’s language set to English & region to Australia. To use the Apple Watch app you’ll need watchOS 2 or above with your watch’s language set to English & region to Australia. 100% Security Guarantee The CommBank app is covered by our 100% Security Guarantee, which means we’ll cover any loss should someone make an unauthorised transaction on your account using the app, provided you protect your phone and PIN and immediately notify us of their loss, theft or misuse, and of any suspicious activity on your accounts. ® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd. ABN 69 079 137 518 As this information has been prepared without considering your financial situation, objectives or needs, you should, before acting on the information, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions for the app and our products should be considered before making any decision. Fees and charges may apply. Goal Tracker requires a GoalSaver or NetBank Saver account in your name only. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 Australian credit licence 234945.

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App not opening
Jods12334556667 on 2020-02-29
App used to be fantastic but it’s now a source of frustration. More often than not I am not able to login to access my account information. Which is terrible as I have multiple accounts for different purposes and often use the app to transfer money when on the go... Been too many times recently where I’ve had to reset my client data which is not something I remember off the top of my head and it have been caught out because I can’t login when away from home without that information. I don’t like that you show account balances without logging in by default. I suppose some people my find it useful but I think that that may be part of the issue with the latest versions of the app. Go back to mastering the basics such as logging in before adding anything fancy.
CEBA is rubbish.
SaltyDogOz on 2020-02-29
App is flawed in other ways. But the highlight is the idiotic chat system, named CEBA. It’s an automated bot and is absolutely useless. Made worse that basically anything you ask it prompts you to call the Banks main 13 number. Which I did and had to wait 1 hour and 15 mins, before I hung up in disgust. (Second time this week for 40 mins plus). A live chat agent - not the moronic CEBA - could probably have answered my question (and 15 others clients at the same time if they are a halfway decent chat operative) in 10 seconds flat. And here is a tip CBA - onshore call Centre’s are great but it’s just as frustrating when you have spent nearly two hours on hold and only been connected once.
i even can't get Netcode
Chisty Yuan on 2020-02-29
oversea calling to them to resolve the problem i had then they keep ask me delete and download again this sh*t app. And finally i cannot use that app cause never can get Netcode. Instead of answer my question they keep repeating "you should delete and download app..." When i teold them "if you don't know how to solve my problem or can't do anything to help me just tell me you don't know" Then they answer "what you want.." Fk, did i told them thousands times i need Netcode?. Do you believe they keep repeating that sentences in more than 40 minutes calling time. :)) Maybe they cannot understand what human said cause they not human at all.
Much better, still needs some improvement
Tamasin on 2020-02-29
There’s some great new features on the app, including being able to msg customer support which takes around a business day to reply (because who has time to call anymore, and why have email when you have an app?). Only problem is, you can only read their reply once, and if you go out of the conversation for eg. check settings like they suggested to trouble shoot, you can’t go back into the conversation to read it, or reply and continue with the conversation! Have to call them afterall
Being back the search function
Emma_McMuffin on 2020-02-29
There used to be a magnifying glass icon that would appear when you scrolled down your transaction list. That seems to have vanished and it was one of the most helpful features. It used to let me search payments by key words, now all I can do is filter payments by amounts and dates and it makes me read through a heap of other payments with similar amounts, making it harder the find the specific transaction. Please bring back the search by keyword function!
Update your iPad App
RugbyFan05 on 2020-02-29
You have not updated the iPad app in over 3 years. Either support it or just kill it off. It no longer fits the screen of my iPad, no FaceID, no Card support, no PayID, and a fraction of the features on the iPhone app. CBA makes billions in profit every year but can’t update your app at least once a year? Westpac and ANZ looking like better alternatives, there apps look good and functional, and are regularly updated. Big disappointment CBA.
Best banking app ever but lacking few important improvements
Farhad Ris on 2020-02-29
iPad app is getting behind with not supporting FaceID and iPad Pro Display Ratio yet !!! and please add dark mode on both iPhone and iPad apps... Love your iPad app please don’t forget it... Also thanks for for adding Apple Card, but can you also let to add my cards as Apple Card on my phone inside my commbank app like many other banks’ apps. It should be simply a button in the app to add my cards as Apple Card.
Not reliable.
Pauldotm on 2020-02-29
Although it works on my iPhone Xs on my wife’s iPhone 8 it won’t reliably start. It opens a screen and then just hangs there until it crashes. We have deleted and reinstalled the app which made it work once but not always. We have the 13.3 version of iOS on her phone and 13.3.1 on mine but that shouldn’t be a reason as it was changes that should be important to either phone. Please make it reliable.
ezzajane112 on 2020-02-29
HATE deleting and re-downloading the app every now and then ✋☹️ so many glitches it wont show my actual balance and won’t let me transfer into one of my account at times. If It didn’t have glitches then no worries at all. I’ve been banking with commonwealth bank for over 10 years and I was super keen to download this app when I heard of it, but every update it seems to get worse and worse.
App always freezes!
mywildfire on 2020-02-29
Or keeps trying to load forever and just won’t load at all (when logging in with pin) and at times when you need to use it urgently! It’s left me stuck. Ive tried everything to fix it but I’ve now changed banks.. after 30 years with CBA I’ve moved to NAB as never an issue with their app, ever. The CommBank one has made me want to throw my phone many times!

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