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Order from all of your favourite local and national restaurants or get groceries, snacks, essentials and alcohol delivered to your door. New users get 25% off and no delivery fee on their first order and during your first month, you’ll enjoy $1 delivery fees on all other orders. Restrictions apply: Spend more time doing the things you love -- we'll take care of the rest. YOUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS Choose from a huge variety of cuisines, from your local sushi spot to the comfort food you crave. Get your favourite meals faster with quick and easy ordering. National partners include McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Oporto, Nando’s, Grill’d, Red Rooster, Sushi Sushi and more GROCERIES AND CONVENIENCE Order from your local IGA or The Reject Shop and have thousands of items delivered on-demand. From household products to satisfying late-night cravings with some choccies or ice cream, to drinks and chips to watch some Friday night footy. Get everything you need on DoorDash. SUBSCRIBE TO DASHPASS A DashPass subscription gives customers unlimited deliveries and pay $0 delivery fees at DashPass merchants and get access to special offers from local restaurants. *currently only available in Mebourne NO-CONTACT DELIVERY All deliveries are now left at your door by default and you have the choice to select “Hand it to me” if you prefer. If a no-contact delivery is requested, the Dasher will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it’s ready for pickup. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it's most convenient for you. REAL-TIME TRACKING See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we've factored in all the elements that come between you and your food. SAVE TIME WITH PICKUP Order ahead with ease and save time on calls. Making takeout and pickup fast and easy. PAYMENT Conveniently pay via Apple Pay, credit card, or PayPal. ABOUT DOORDASH DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. We started this by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility -- easy evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities. Growing every day and currently serving over 4,000 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. Visit to learn more.

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Order was never delivered. Customer support did nothing
Anup335 on 2023-02-09
Recently, I placed an order from DoorDash. I was waiting for the order and when I try to track the order through the order tracking facility in the app it showed that the order was delivered. However, I never received the order when I try to reach Support, they were of no use and no amends were taken. My order was for almost $70. It was not refunded back. Neither did I receive my food I feel helpless. Please let me know. How can you solve this. The date of the order was 01-feb-2023. The order was from Mirch masala. Name of the Dasher was Luis apparently the Dasher as told that the order was delivered. When I tried to call him he did not receive my calls. I have dropped him messages and he has not answered any of them, and in the tracking, he was nowhere close to my delivery address. Still DoorDash refuses to help. Never ordering from DoorDash again
anyanka82 on 2023-02-09
This seriously has to be one of the worst food delivery services I’ve ever used. Constantly I am receiving the wrong order or things missing from it. The door – drivers don’t bother to check the order to make sure it’s right before they leave the store and when you complain, DoorDash do give you a credit… to a point. If you complain to many times I’ve had multiple issues with my orders over the last 2 days, they tell you “ sorry for the inconvenience, but due to DoorDash policy, we are unable to compensate you at this time”. Just last night, I spent $60 on food that I never received and door dash refused to help. They wouldn’t even redeliver my food. I will be contacting my bank to dispute the transaction and get my money back that way. I will never be using this service again and a highly suggest nobody else use it either.
Don’t even bother
Joelyy =] on 2023-02-09
I can’t believe I pay monthly for this service. After so many issues I’ve finally given up. There is hands down two amazing dashers that deliver around me but the rest are the worst. Asking me to cancel my order and pay a fee because they don’t want to pick up my order. Constantly really late delivery and the food will be so old because of it. Being told it’s on its way then watching the dasher on the map go to 7eleven for 20 mins and then deliver other orders before yours. Requesting a refund because of an issue no fault of your own and then getting a partial refund and credits, after being told a full refund would be processed to the original payment method. I’ve tried all the delivery services and wanted to stick with door dash, but there is no way. Worst experiences and wore resolutions.
AVOID. Stick with Uber Eats.
mcn85 on 2023-02-09
Literally EVERY single order I have EVER received from Door Dash had items missing from the order. I told Door Dash every time it happened. At the end of the day I don’t want my money back I just want what I ordered. Apparently because I “claimed” missing items too many times they wouldn’t do anything about it after a couple of times as I had reached my max “claim missing item capacity” for refunds. Whilst I understand people might do the wrong thing to get money back, I always just wanted what I ordered. I would ask to just have the missing items delivered instead of refunded but to no avail. You will end up paying for things you never receive. Better off sticking with Uber Eats. I’ve never had missing items with them …
So much horrible🤬🤬🤬
Abaya Khatri on 2023-02-09
I installed the app and started to order straight away. I order more than 8-9 times from different places and all of the times my orders used to get cancelled after I wait for 1-2 hrs. Same with all of the places that is shown on the app. There was an Asian shop near my address and I tried to order some stuff although my order was cancelled 3times before. To my surprise I found out that the shop already left DoorDash 6 months ago and still DoorDash was showing the shop on its app. And most importantly, why do you even charge service fee when my order is already cancelled from you guys and also I need to wait 3-4 days for the payment. Please do not use this app, DoorDash is so horrible. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Breaking consumer law
Valmorgan 18 on 2023-02-09
Truely awful service, use another app. Their customer service has a policy that prevents them from issuing refunds if they’ve issued them too many times before. Never mind the fact that refusing to offer refunds for incorrect orders is explicitly illegal under the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (which cannot be overridden by company contracts or policies). Customer service will promise to contact you in 24 hours, and you’ll never hear from them again. It is frankly astounding how terrible the customer experience is. Doordash needs to be held accountable for its conduct.
Don't order
Madison Topping on 2023-02-09
Don't order with door dash please! Every single order I have put through, they've stuffed up. and they will refuse to refund. Making you loose out on money and food. I wouldn't need to request a refund if my order I paid for, was correct and delivered promptly. Not giving out refunds is a violation of fair trade act and customer rights as goods are not being delivered, Or quality isn't as what I expected such as being cold, or items missing. Please re consider ordering because 99% they'll stuff up your order or deliver it to the wrong house and refuse to refund.
Overcharged & horrible customer service
MLO43 on 2023-02-09
I was charged $33 for a single pack of chicken, after being ‘quoted’ $25. When I tried to contact door dash for support on the matter, I was advised I would receive a refund but then never did. I tried to contact them multiple times on the matter with no resolution. The customer service person I spoke to was also completely unprofessional and unhelpful in resolving the matter. I will never be using them again. I’ve also never written a bad review in my life, so thank you Door Dash for motivating me.
It’s never been so easy to get cold fast food delivered
Zeta6284 on 2023-02-09
Most of the time the order is delivered cold or lukewarm, delivery drive usually takes longest route or is completing a near by order, why should I pay for cold food so door dash can double dip. If you order from an Thai or Indian restaurant you will usually get hot food but fast food is usually delivered cold. If I am paying for delivery the dasher should be at the restaurant waiting for the order and then driving directly to me using the shortest route, anything less is unacceptable.
Once was good, now awful
Bjesus49 on 2023-02-09
DoorDash used to be accurate in their ability to forecast delivery times but I can’t remember the last time my food arrived hot. I’ve had multiple times where they’ve said food would arrive at a certain time and the delivery time would continue to stretch longer and longer. Once upon a time, fast food places used to manage this stuff themselves and you could call them up. Now it’s an app where you wait for cold food to show up. So done with Doordash.

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