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Jan, 2020



Groupon delivers unbeatable deals for 50—70% off the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 cities located mostly on earth. Download the Groupon app to start saving on everything you’re looking for—from right next door to across the globe. Whether you’re shopping for the latest fashion trends, craving a new restaurant in town, or spending work meetings daydreaming about tropical travel, a daily replenishment of deals delivers all the discounts you like. Every deal is available to use immediately, so you’re never more than a few taps away from a relaxing massage, tickets to the night’s hottest event, or a chance to eat a whole pizza by yourself. With the Groupon iOS app, you can: • Buy and redeem Groupon deals directly from your iOS device. • Track your purchased vouchers by location and expiration date. • Save ink and avoid traumatic paper cuts by never printing another voucher or clipping another coupon. And there’s more: • Instantly redeem vouchers for on-demand deals on food, fun, fashion, and wellness. • Use Groupon Goods to enjoy low prices without settling for bargain products. • Collect the fanciest hotel shampoos or travel to exotic destinations with Groupon Getaways. • Get in the spirit of the season shopping fun, themed collections for holidays and events our calendars say are important. • Share Groupon deals with friends, family, and fiscally responsible robots via social media. Put down the coupon book and pick up the Groupon iOS app—your ticket to explore the best each city has to offer at savings of up to 70% off.

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Terrible response to complaints
Badluk666 on 2020-02-24
Made a complaint to groupon about the service of a restaurant we paid for. However the response from Groupon only focused on the “merchant” (the restaurant’s) point of view and did not acknowledge our experience. This was our first time using Groupon and it has been a terrible experience. We got a response from Groupon that we should have handled the complaint at the restaurant on the day. Our complaint was about wait issues at the restaurant, how do you expect me to wait for someone to attend my complaint when they are not even serving food. A ridiculous complaint resolution team and we are extremely upset with the response. Will deter any family or friends from using it!
suzric on 2020-02-24
Please be careful buying from Groupon if something goes wrong they don’t ask you in a personal message, just not their problem ? So we went to post office as it was delivered by them as my goods that came in card board box, however they just through it back the fault of the packers even though the box had 3 deep cuts in the box. So of cause just passing the buck we got nowhere. So my storage leather ottoman had the leather cut on the top lid. So not Groupon problem not post office problem so please let me know whose problem it is, so disappointing in Groupon attitude when been good customer. and you can’t make a phone call ??? A very unhappy customer Suzanne Wilson
Multiple orders
Mooseys Mum on 2020-02-24
I wanted to buy 2 pairs of shoes in the same size but different colours but was unable to do this. This is very basic function on all online shopping sites so I contacted the chat and was told you can’t do this on Groupon! This is crazy! Instead of buying 2 pairs of shoes from you I only bought1 and I’m disappointed! Thx
Lunch at CRestsurant
NickslovelyMam on 2020-02-24
This will be my second time and I will be taking my daughter who is visiting from the UK. I’m sure she will be blown away as there is nothing as beautiful as it in the small town in Wales where she lives. I look forward to seeing the look of surprise on her face as we are seated in your beautiful restaurant.
tannn221 on 2020-02-24
I had purchased something and a few days later went to track shipping and it had told me my order has been cancelled and I will receive a refund, never received my refund. I also purchased another item and 3 or so days later checked to see the progress and has told me that I have already received my order.
Best customer service
stefhb on 2020-02-24
One of the best apps to save money it’s more like a best freind I mistakenly purchased another product instead of the product that I wanted to purchase they were very friendly with me and helped me to sort the issue out In very supportive and a friendly manner thanks Groupon
5 Star
ninaaa.r on 2020-02-24
This app is great. Have enjoyed many discounted purchases from here, incl, food, drinks, massages, retail products, household items, and more. With frequent sales, and a large variety of choices to suit each individual.
Wrong item delivery
Pawboys2019 on 2020-02-24
Very disappointed on this website. Ordered cellphone cover and sent me a magnetic holder. Delivery is as slow as turtle. I am no longer using this online shop very slack and not happy at all.
Haven’t had any major problems
904758<3 on 2020-02-24
Only problem I’ve ever had was a late postage on material goods but I’ve used Groupon so many times for experiences and services and have had great a experience!
Great app
Damtra on 2020-02-24
User friendly app, great deals and good bargains. Have been a customer since a long time now and don&#39;t regret it! Keep improving it...

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