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I refuse to continue using an app that encourages child SA and human sales.
Brodie Lynne on 2023-03-29
It’s been brought to my attention that mark Zuckerberg has no issue with people creating pages that are clearly aimed at exploiting children for grown men fantasy, often including the sale of children worldwide. But instead of removing these pages, he’s stating no guideline violations and removing the posts and pages of people bringing these disgusting pages to our attention. Please, congress, tell us more about how you’re trying to ban tiktok to protect our children while allowing this to go on? Furthermore, why can Zuckerberg sell our data to the highest bidder without any permission from us because it’s in meta t’s&c’s? Oh wait, it’s because he’s paying you all to continue this hate campaign against tiktok. Can’t wait to watch this man lose everything.
Some small improvements...
Commander Kezzanator 4E on 2023-03-29
I like the creative content that others post on this platform which is why I prefer it from any other social media form. I do have some dislikes/suggestions that could be fixed. When posting a story (or sharing a post to your story that you are tagged in) it becomes really tedious when you add a GIF or wording and the objects get lost continuously behind the post. Maybe this could be fixed? Other than this it is great. I like that you cannot see ‘likes’ or what you have ‘liked’ so it provides less anxiety and promotes privacy. Really great and positive improvements I feel are being made. People seem to prefer Instagram for its more organic influence - this needs to be improved or maintained.
Shadow-Gallery on 2023-03-29
Had been a long time Instagram user, but for a long time have been disappointed with Meta and their lack of App development. Although I like Instagram, it had become more about advertising and less about social community. Instagram is being left behind by other platforms and to be honest it’s just not worth my time using this app for no real benefit. I have permanently deleted my account. What is also concerning is Meta’s history with data breaches, dodgy fact checking procedures and blatant censorship and shadow banning of accounts. It also appears to be lobbying government to undermine their competitors… not a great look for a social media company.
Not what it used to be
Leentje1989 on 2023-03-29
I used to love Instagram, it was a great platform to interact with other people posting similar content and to support other artists. Now my content barely reaches 500 people and I have over 4k followers. Let alone the dismal reach to non followers. Last year my content did really well and it’s just nose dived because of the algorithms this stupid app changes all the time. I wish that instead of wanting to compete with Tiktok, Instagram enhanced what they were good at. Photos. Stop reducing quality in pictures when people post, stop pushing reels. You’ll never compete with tiktok, and it’s not the reason people used the app.
kiwiholden on 2023-03-29
Using their power and influence to bribe and manipulate governments and negatively impact all of our lives. It is an insult they have taken the name META. A meta verse is a fully open and inclusive online space not controlled by a single corporation but rather open to the movements of intellectual property from across the Internet and different companies and businesses this is not at all what META intends. META wants to monopolise and control the Internet destroying any possible competition and locking us into one single environment. META is a walled garden which is the exact opposite of the definition of a meta verse.
imjsidhu on 2023-03-29
I’m a creator and a viewer. And instagram has always been about good high quality photography app to me. But, the way you have shifted your focus from these high stand photos to reels and forcing content creators to create more reels is just a big sellout to me. I legit posted a photo and got a pop up saying create reels for better reach. Great job guys! 👏🏼 you are trying to beat TikTok, but that app already won! Reminds me of Simon Sinek’s lecture where he explains why Apple is bigger than Microsoft. Because Apple focus on creating better products and microsoft focus on beating apple.
Instagram community guidelines
Lorik pal on 2023-03-29
hello instagram Please 🙏 solve this problem Community guidelines strike please remove in my I'd I am sorry for the mistake I made, I will try to correct this mistake and there will never be any mistake like this in future please remove my community guidelines strike please instagram support Please Instagram I am very sorry for this mistake and forgive me and remove this community guidelines from my account Thank you for helping us create one of the best communities in the world, The Instagram Team
All my music has disappeared
scamdy crush on 2023-03-29
I went to make a reel for my band Such a Daze today and when I tried adding our song (which we have added to reels many times before this) I noticed our music is no longer coming up on Instagram. It’s not just this band, my other band is also not showing up. I checked with my distributor and the it is still apparently live. I got my friend to try from his account and he has the same problem! We are paying pretty good money to have our music distributed to your site. This needs to be fix asap!
ash (villain era) on 2023-03-29
Honestly, the app is garbage. Dozens of bot accounts following me/commenting on posts every day no matter how many I block, every second post is an advertisement for something I will literally never use, and with reels being prioritised over actual posts, this app has become a nightmare for small creators. Completely and solely focused on profits rather than actual content, and the content it does choose to promote is lacklustre at best
An issue or bug on the app
melekiliku on 2023-03-29
I love this app but I’ve been have some issues so I try and change my pfp but it comes up saying one moment please and I be waiting for ages and it doesn’t let me press done to change the pic second issue is when I’m sending a picture or something it says failed sending I’m so confused because this has never happened before and I thought it was my wifi but it’s not and I’ve tried resetting my Insta and still the same thing

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