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Hey Instagram
@mirzajii_1 on 2023-01-28
Reactivation my instagram account @mirzajii_1 I follow all the community guidelines and on 20 dec 2022 one notification is came from instagram team that I didn't follow community guidelines but i never break any community guidelines and yet my instagram id @mirzajii_1 ls not reactivate by instagram team I don't even remember violating any community guidelines or "hurting anybody's feeling" through my post or actions. So my question is why is my account being RESTRICTED????!!!! Like I cannot FOLLOW, ACCEPT, LIKE, COMMENT, or do anything with my account anymore and this is being happening since more than Loongggg Two WEEKS!!!! but there was No Response from you end. I've been reporting trying to some how try and get connected to some support, help regarding this situation and still there is No One TO HELP OR TO CONTACTI!! Even after repeatedly Reporting the error to you guys and no response no actions been taken vet!!! May I please know the reason of this problem Please as it's really is Frustrating to keep on waiting and waiting and waiting and not even any actions or any response no emails from you guys!!! Please kindly look into this matter AS SOON AS possible Thank you
Absolutely horrible
I like dogs lol on 2023-01-28
I have been bored during these school holidays and decided to make a fan page on a social media site. I was looking for colourings and found one. As i was putting it together, I realized that I needed Instagram for it. I have never once in my life used instagram and I don’t think i’ll use it again. I began creating my account and ended up at typing in my birthday and it didn’t let me. It kept reseting everytime i typed it in. I eventually gave up and clicked skip ( or next i cant remember ). I was now at the user part when it glitched and wouldn’t let me type, then kicked me out. 4 times i had to do this. 4! I tried one more time and got in. Clicked plus, and ha no idea what to do. It stopped letting me tap and type fir a little bit. I looked up how to add the effects and i was about to click effects when it said my account was being deactivated? It said i was banned unless I gave a good reason why. And for me in Australia, its the 19th of January and it said my account was deactivated yesterday?? ( 18th ). Another 4 times it said that. I tried one last time, but it was glitching so I uninstalled the app. It gave me no introduction at all! Never using it again.
Nudity reporting broken
Hjfsjh578..)tygdyzv on 2023-01-28
Instagram keeps showing nude women in my search tab. I keep reporting the posts as nudity and blocking the accounts. Instagram keeps saying that they are too busy to review the report but that their computer algorithm has not found any nudity in the reported post. I then click to have it re-reviewed by a human. Instagram then say again that they are too busy to re-review the report by a human but that their computer algorithm has not found any nudity in the reported post. This has literally happened hundreds and hundreds of times. Your computer algorithm is broken. Your reporting mechanism is broken. Your review mechanism is broken. Your re-review mechanism is broken. You do not follow your own community policy. Update. I now receive daily likes from accounts of women half dressed and dirty talk in their profiles to click for more. I keep reporting and blocking them, but I just keep receiving more. Dear instagram engineers, take your mask off, breath some fresh air, your brain needs it so that you can do your job properly and fix of this problem.
Absolutely no support
im_dead_spexy on 2023-01-28
Spent a considerable amount of time and effort using the app like they want you to, gathering a following, creating quality content. But with every new update comes new issues. I now have a bug on my profile that means followers can’t see the link to my website to access the full long form content I’m sharing previews of. This would be fine if there was ANY way of getting in touch with Instagram to actually get the problem resolved. Submitted multiple bug report for months, never heard anything, bug never resolved. I have scoured the internet trying to find a way to talk to anyone, any kind of support person, and there is no email, no chat bot, no ticket system, absolutely no way to report an issue and actually have someone get back to you. I don’t know why I continue to make content for a company that has absolutely no interest in helping it’s content creators or in their experience with its products.
Instagram is not allowing me to like any posts
Riya Moulick on 2023-01-28
Hi, I have been using Instagram for a while now and not once have I faced this problem. For some reason yesterday I wasn’t able to like any posts. I was very confused at first and this message kept popping up on my screen saying that Instagram restricts certain activities to protect their community. I might have liked too many posts and maybe that’s why this is happening but I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t had to deal with this problem before. The message that keeps popping up on my screen also keeps telling me to try again later. Please get back to me telling me what I should do because this is really bothering me and I am not able to like any posts of my favourite influencers. Thank you and have a nice day
A couple of bugs that haven’t been resolved for ages.
Ike123321987 on 2023-01-28
- When turning a photo that has been taken with the selfie camera into a boomerang in stories, it turns the photo upside down. - In the past it was possible to use the post upload screen (where you edit the photos etc) while listening to music on your phone at the same time. Now it stops the music which is quite annoying. I want to be able to keep listening the music while editing, selecting my photos. There are many more issues with the app but these 2 are the most common ones that I come across all the time. It is disappointing that Instagram isnt able to resolve them.
Instagrams down sprial
chicken legs lol on 2023-01-28
Instagrams community guidelines are completely out of whack. Get reported for showing bare shoulders but every time I open instagram the first things I see are, I.e: gun violence and shooting, rape and sexual exploitation, women wearing “clothing” which is a completely see through suit and you can see their nipples and vaginas in clear view, women giving birth, women using sexual pleasure toys, constant ads, false information, bullying, harassment, sexual assault. Instagram, you need to review your guild lines and the things you let slip, there are children on this app
i love this app but…
hiiiiiiiLOOOO on 2023-01-28
this app is great and i love the social aspect that you can see your friends and celebrities. however, i have two accounts and only one account gets updated. for example one account has the add yours stickers and the other does not. i honestly don’t think there is any other problems i have with this app! it is great and i’ve been an avid user for many years now and this is just a problem i’ve had for a little while.
Instagram was better
f.u.c.k.y.o.uuuuuuuuuu on 2023-01-28
Instagram was better before all the ads and influencers. It was better when instragram did l not add accounts to my following list because the platform thinks I should. Instagram was better before it meshed with Facebook. It was a positive platform, now it’s just a space we’re people can film themselves doing whatever to themselves, animals, anybody for likes and comments. It should have stayed simple.
Problem in the Save option!
sayyedraza on 2023-01-28
I really enjoy using this app but one problem that comes is that when I use two accounts in one phone than the update just comes in one account and not in other like the save feature that came in which we can directly save reel to save collection but it only came in one account not other so please fix it and this is only the reason I am giving 4 stars hope u would solve my problem thank you.

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