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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Life360 simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy for you to stay connected with your friends and family - the people who matter most - your “Circle” . With Life360's Family & Friend Locator, you can: • Easily view the real-time location of your friends and family on a private map. • Receive alerts when your loved ones arrive or leave home, work, or school. • Share photos and text messages with our secure, private chat feature. • Track your Circle's past location history. • Improve driving safety with information after each drive. Life360's family & friend locator uses GPS location data to track the real-time whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install Life360 on everyone's phone - it works with both iOS and Android. Each member will appear as a unique icon on your map, so you'll always know where your loved ones are. Keeping track of each other is easy and reliable with Life360. Worried about battery drain? Life360 has the lowest battery drain of all locator apps on the market. Our advanced algorithm helps us decide when to update your location, so we never just leave your GPS on. Here are some of our key features that you can use when you register with Life360: Place Alerts: See when your friends and family members get home from school, leave work, or start warming up on the practice field. When you’re all busy doing your thing, Place Alerts keep you in the know. Location History: See an ongoing timeline of your friends and family’s comings and goings, organised by day. Easily review past trips and even see how much time you and your family members are spending in specific locations. SOS Alert: If you ever feel unsafe or are in an emergency, SOS sends a silent help alert with your location to your Circle and emergency contacts. Low Battery Notification - Life360 is able to display the battery level of each Circle member and can send an alert when a Circle member’s battery level is low, so you can rest easy with peace of mind. Driver Reports: Peace of mind when you’re not along for the ride. See how drivers in your Circle did on the road this week. The Life360 Driver report includes an assessment for each drive that covers: high speed, phone usage, hard braking, and rapid acceleration as well as a driver score - so you can see who is a safe driver in the family! Bubbles: We all need to do our own thing once in a while. A Bubble lets you temporarily show only your general location for a set period of time for a little privacy. Your Circle will see only your general whereabouts, while all safety features stay on. Life360 makes it easy to stay connected, informed, and safe. Register today and keep your loved ones close.

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szarn tha fridgy on 2023-02-08
This app used to be a leading app in personal tracking. Having used the paid version for over 2 years i saw benefits. But the support is just not there . The app allows you to reduce boundaries down to only 76 meters while other apps let you reduce boundaries down to 5 meters . This is a major fail with Life360. I have asked them several times to address this issue and each time i just get a message saying they will look into it and nothing ever happens . I have spoken to tech support on my other tracking apps who tell me that it’s an easy fix but Life360 just refuse to do it . It should not be called “life” 360 when you cannot rely on it in an emergency situation. 76 meters is a large area . I now only use the app for myself and i use a better app for work purposes where accurate location is essential for knowing where some particular students are.
It’s good
asdfhywbshdvbdh on 2023-02-08
This app is amazing very good to see where your family is so no one gets in danger but this app is draining my battery but if my battery is all gone how will my family find me and how can I get in contact with them right now my phone is on charge but the battery is going down this should get changed but beside from that the app is amazing good to know where you family are and you can go find while lost.
Not impressed
😡😤🫥 on 2023-02-08
the app was half decent until they started doing updates and now if you try and refresh someone’s location it doesn’t update and the safe drive detection doesn’t work it also very rarely allows you to see the speed the person is going at now the app is just a disappointment…
Love the app but notifications stopped working today
mnbbc z on 2023-02-08
Since the app updated today (January 29, 2023) I have not been getting any notifications nor have any of my circle… have checked in settings and my notifications are all on.
Life 360
Noog* on 2023-02-08
Life 360 is so convenient for our family to use . Great for checking in to make sure everyone is getting to school, work or home safely
Stay safe!!
rbmrb on 2023-02-08
The Life 360 app helps us as a family to always be connected. It’s one way of staying safe. We highly recommend this app🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Excellent piece of mind
CarlyCcc26 on 2023-02-08
Keeps my family safe, can see how fast my teenagers are travelling in cars and also see where they are in emergencies.
Great App
PupnLis on 2023-02-08
Awesome Family App so we can safely see where our kids are and for them to know how far we are away to pick them up!!!
Doesn’t display properly.
Ventesia on 2023-02-08
The page does not refresh automatically. The display is glitchy. drops in and out and message pages. Don’t retract.
Won’t work
ashns95 on 2023-02-08
Tried to reset password and it still won’t log me in. No matter how many times I’ve reset it, it won’t work. 🙄

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