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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Life360 is the world's leading realtime, location-sharing app, and is the best way to coordinate with family and friends. Get automatic notifications when your family comes and goes from home, work and school, and when they complete drives. Use Life360's Family & Friend Locator to: * View the realtime location of friends or family members on a private map * Receive realtime alerts when friends or family arrive or leave home, work, and school * Share photos and text messages with our secure, private chat * See past location history for your Circle * See information after each drive to improve driving safety * Track a lost or stolen phone "I have two new drivers. I feel more at ease when I can see info about their trips…Being able to not only know where my children are but also that they're driving safely is something I can't be thankful enough for." - Miranda Carter Use GPS to find Friends and Family Life360's Family & Friend Locator uses state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the realtime whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Family & Friend Locator on everyone's phone. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon on the map so you'll always know where your family members are. No need to send text messages asking "When will you be home?" The Life360 Family & Friend Locator tells you! Create geofence zones around your home, work, school, or anywhere you visit regularly. Whenever someone in your Circle arrives or leaves those locations, you'll get a notification. Follow Your Family's Driving Behavior With our latest features, you can see when your family is driving. Did your son just pass his driving test, and has taken to the road with the family car? Our premium driving features will let you see when your kids are speeding, driving irresponsibly, or texting while driving. Help them become better drivers and compare their driving to your own. Life360 has the following subscriptions: Life360 Plus - $2.99/mo, 24.99/yr Life360 Driver Protect (US) - 7.99/mo, 69.99/yr Life360 Driver Protect (Non-US) - $4.99/mo, $49.99/yr With Plus, you receive 30 days of history, unlimited place alerts, and local crime alerts (US only). With Driver Protect, you get all the features of Plus, as well as driving analysis, 24/7 driver care support (US only), and crash detection (US only). All Driver Protect and Plus subscriptions have a free 7 day trial. After the trial ends, the subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or yearly basis. You will receive your first charge 7 days after starting your trial. You can turn off the auto-renew for this subscription at any time by going to your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not want to be billed during your trial, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before it expires. Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we've spent 8 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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More harm then help
pamela 1972 on 2020-07-07
This app is only going to create tension and lack of trust between parents and children. If you are really that oblivious to believe your child is not going anywhere just because you are tracking them, you have more then just trust issues. Your children need guidance and freedom to learn and grow because it is all apart of youth. Being able to learn from their mistakes is what is going to help them decide right and wrong and mature. If you are tracking your teenager on this you are absolutely heedless or forgetful about what it is like to be a teenager. By tracking and spying on your children you are letting them think of more dangerous ways to sneak around because they won’t have their phone on them. This is a COMPLETE invasion of privacy for teenagers which is a right everyone deserves, knowing that they are being watched 24/7 is going to create paranoia in your child. This app is most definitely more harm then helpful.
i hate this fucking app
Nillermyerbuns086 on 2020-07-07
worst app ever, ruined trust between kids and parents. how is trust meant to be built when we have tracking devices in our phone? hmm? worst app ever invented. if anything it causes kids to not bring their phone to dangerous places that they go to whether they have the app or not and makes it even more dangerous as they can’t call their parents for help. ruins the individuality that comes with youth. it may be good for friends on a life 360 circle, or relationships, but with parents and kids it just ruins the relationship. the ignorant and delusional adults giving 5 stars have no clue that their teenage kids can easily get around the apps tracking and probably do all the time, and have no clue that their kids secretly hate them. the only thing this app does is ruin family relationships and trust. nothing more.
Unique perfect satisfied service
sarah ove on 2020-07-07
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Horrible App
aa,, ban life360 on 2020-07-07
This app forces teenage children to leave their phones at home so they don’t get in trouble for “disrespecting” their RIGHTS! All teenagers will do with their phone is leave it at the places they are suppose to be, and sneaking out somewhere else. DO NOT get this app for your family. It’s also insanely glitchy; sometimes it’ll say I’m at someone’s house when I’m actually at home. If you really want to know where your children are, build a trusting relationship with them so then they will HONESTLY tell you where they are instead of you getting mad at them. Having this app, shows you have no trust in your family.
Invasion of Privacy
flouncenyills on 2020-07-07
Honestly, this app is just a toxic invasion of privacy. To be able to maintain a healthy relationship with your child, you should let them know that you TRUST them, not TRACKING their every move. Most of the time if you ask a teenager or a child where they are going, they will TELL THE TRUTH, but this app just makes kids sneakier. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody because it is just a complete invasion of privacy. So what if they stop after school to get a chocolate bar? Let them live a little, and most of all, let them be able to TRUST you, and let them know that you TRUST them.
Fantastic and honest
Myra3421 on 2020-07-07
This is definitely a necessity in this modern age. My friends use it to check on their kids when they are traveling to and from school on the train. It’s good to know if your kid has missed the train or took the wrong train. Also useful for friends’ hubby who is a n Uber driver - so very good to know how far he is or stuck somewhere. I’m trying it out for safety reasons so my hubby and I can see how far we are when traveling long distances for work purposes. It’s definitely not for people who have problems with honesty.
invasion of privacy
Eosnstaiansgushvs on 2020-07-07
Just build a trusting relationship with your child. It’s not that hard. This teaches them NOTHING. This not only shows you don’t trust them but don’t try to veil this by arguing it’s for their “safety”. Yes, the world is a scary place but it will continue to be for years to come. How are kids meant to learn if you’re breathing down their neck. Stop. Downloading. This. I can already tell you your child resents you. Be a better parent. Don’t ruin your relationship. Stop controlling.
Depends but I hate it‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️
essie.1 on 2020-07-07
I understand why my mum got this app, it was because she is worried of where I am when we stay at my dads house because it’s all new, however if your a parent reading this please don’t get this app unless you need to, even though we’re young we’re less stupid than you think and our location, battery percentage, wifi connector and internet history shouldn’t be tracked 247. Not even because we’re doing anything bad, I know I’m def not but I don’t like being treated like I am you know?
Great App
kat1149 :) on 2020-07-07
I love this app. It helps me know where my family is instead of calling them 100 times. For those complaining about the app invading their privacy, they should check all their social media apps that do the exact same, and maybe give them a one star review for doing the same. Probably won’t happen, teenage privilege at its finest. At least with Life360, I can count on the app to let me know the whereabouts of my family, especially if they are out with others.
yeetus deletus this trash on 2020-07-07
can i just sayyyy that if our parents are going to track us on this app then we r gonna find ways to sneak out and do things without their permission and it’s going to teach us to be sneaky so y’all better take this app down it’s an invasion of privacy i tried turning my location settings off for this app and 2 mins later my mum sends me a text telling me to turn them back on like r u ok bc u apparently stalk me 24/7 wherever i go YEETUS DELETUS gen z rise

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