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May, 2020


May, 2020



Discover the smooth drawing experience of now in 3D! Create your zone, avoid others players and colors unique 3D shapes! Collect stars as you play and reach 100% to unlock new levels and bonuses!

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Fun but too many glitches
Ebby.Maree on 2020-06-01
I love this game I have so much fun and it’s a good game to come back and revisit from the older ones But now it’s getting hard to play as it keeps glitching especially when I am playing music from my phone and it like glitches the whole game and the music is stopping and stating while I’m playing the game I also see that when i am almost complete with the map and someone comes into my safe space and I try and kill them then I die why do I die in my area like what the heck it’s ridiculous I get so frustrated with the glitching and it has reared me away from the game as I am sick of it glitching this game was worth 5 stars but due to the continuous glitching and I am only up to the ice cream one and I keep glitching out of the game this game is now worth like 1 or 2 stars I’m not interested in playing anymore please can you fix the glitching that would be amazing thank you and I love the new skins so cool I have honestly had enough of this game like I know it says fixes the minor glitches but it’s really annoying because when I am in the middle of a game the whole game jut crashes and when I am playing I am on my own area and people the others just kill me on my area and also when I start the game and I only like just go out of me area to get increase my area like 10 players hit me at once like I am just trying to play the game and I get killed not raven 2 seconds into the game this is just really annoying Walt with the glitches please can you fix the major ones
Good Game But Could Be Better
The REAL Only The Best on 2020-06-01
I love the game but it could be alot better. The game lags alot and whenever I top my high score the app suddenly logs out and i lose my scoring progress. And during game ads suddenly pop up while in the open to other players and its really annoying and unfair. Please consider my feedback into improving the game. Thanks!
The one thing bad
Ivanov123456789 on 2020-06-01
Hi so about this game it’s really good and much better than 2 3 1 because you can see where your going better and 2 it’s 3D! but one thing I don’t like is how these fun games have adds all.the.time it’s really super annoying so if you were to make the game better less adds I would say anyways thanks
Good game but omg the ads
stephjoyy on 2020-06-01
Really good game. I get most games have ads. No problem BUT why would you put an ad in the middle of a game? You forget where you are and loose. How long does a single game take? A few minutes? Is it that hard to only have 1 ad per game when you die instead of when you die and during the game? Stupid.
dhdbcxshsburnr on 2020-06-01
Hey it’s good but how do you win is there a actual way to win? And is it real players or are they npc witch are non player characters? And it’s more fun if you do a update and change it up a little bit. But other than those question and Idea it is fun
Great game but too many glitches
Mumofthree67 on 2020-06-01
I really enjoy this games but there are so many glitches. Plus the lack of instructions is a little annoying. I seem to have been on the same level forever but I don’t know why or what I need to do to move on - or maybe I’m at the end of the game?
Hate it
chocolat&lollis on 2020-06-01
So, I was winning a game, when everything I’d done do far was deleted and it made me start again. There have also been other glitches that have cost me my game. I will tell you what I now think about this game in emojis. ☹️
.app_reviewer. on 2020-06-01
1. The game lags every time I open it and takes what feels like 5 hrs to load. 2. The game crashes and kicked me out every time I read at least 20-80%. I would not recommend this to other people.
Too many adds!!
fhyrsu on 2020-06-01
This game is so much fun but the amount of adds that come up is ridiculous!! I think they should fix that somehow.... it’s quite frustrating and it makes me want to delete it!
Not the best
Improve10S on 2020-06-01
The idea for the game is great but it needs improvement. First the game has so many glitches and after awhile it takes me out of the game. Please fix that.

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