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Whether you're paying your friends back for a weekend trip or for last night’s dinner, you can easily send and request money amongst friends and family, view your account activity, choose currencies to send around the globe, and more, with our improved mobile app experience SEND MONEY SECURELY With 24/7 transaction monitoring, secure encryption technology, and fraud protection, peace of mind comes with every payment you make. NO TRANSACTION FEES It's free to send money to friends and family within Australia when you use your linked bank account or PayPal balance. SEND MONEY AROUND THE WORLD The PayPal mobile app makes it easy to send money around the world. MANAGE YOUR MONEY EASILY Your activity list makes it easy for you to track and monitor all your PayPal transactions. LEGAL Account required to send and receive money. If the recipient doesn't have a PayPal account, they can quickly and easily sign up to access the money. Not all features may be available in your market.

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HOLDING MY.$ for 6months!??
SavesAlotOfHassles on 2020-02-29
0 STARS!! My Paypal Account has also been ‘LIMITED’ and has ‘Restrictions’ !? (Which means I can only view my balance & that’s it!) for months now! And now you are also WITHHOLDING MY $$ for 6 MONTHS!!?? THIS IS APPALLING!! I’m am getting absolutely nowhere with Customer Service - receiving the exact same auto response every time! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO SO MANY PEOPLE!?? WHAT TERMS HAVE I APPARENTLY VIOLATED ???? I’ve been using Paypal for years now and haven’t been doing anything different! I keep asking HOW EXACTLY I HAVE VIOLATED & I never receive any explanation! Now every time I open the App all I can see is: ‘ YOU CAN NO LONGER USE YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT ‘ !!???? I finally get to send a message through to Support (when I eventually found the ONLY WAY to get a message through), the only answer you give me is some automated response saying that I ‘VIOLATED THE USER TERMS & CONDITIONS’ or some s***!? APP STORE - PLEASE INVESTIGATE AS THIS IS JUST NOT ON!!! We ALL NEED OUR MONEY BACK! WHY THE F*** DO YOU NEED TO HOLD EVERYONE’S $ FOR 6 MONTHS?? THERE IS NO REASON WHATSOEVER THAT YOU SHOULD BE WITHHOLDING OUR FUNDS FOR THAT AMOUNT OF TIME! ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU CAN’T EVEN GIVE US THE REASON YOU ARE DOING THIS TO US IN THE FIRST PLACE! THE WORST SERVICE EVER! THE WORST APP EXPERIENCE EVER! NOT TO MENTION - NOT FAIR !! My bills can’t wait 6 MONTHS to be paid! So looks like I’ll be living under a tree as of today! Thanks a lot PayPal! If anyone out there can suggest a better, more reliable & trustworthy alternative - PLEASE let us all know! PS: The last reply to my Review told me to contact Paypal via Messenger with a Case ID # ...... I did that , & guess what ??? STILL NO REPLY!!
CAUTION: Not as safe as you think
Micro penls on 2020-02-29
Previously I always had strong belief that PayPal would protect your money, but later realising it’s really trusted platforms like eBay that protect you. I like many other people had purchased an item from a online scam. Doing some digging I discovered this company has multiple URLs and company names. After realising what had happened I put in for a PayPal claim. With all the information available you would think this was a quick and simple process, but no. Months later PayPal ended up declining reimbursement, but that wasn’t my big concern. The fact they allowed an online scam company to continue ripping off future customers without doing any research or even acknowledging the facts was almost unbelievable. What I’m trying to help others understand is, don’t rely on PayPal to protect your money. If you want peace of mind, purchase online items through trusted platforms like eBay to know your protected.
Beyond Reasonable
Boooooo game on 2020-02-29
Your service is getting harder and harder to use. Tonight I logged into pay for a Pizza. On entering was asked to change my pass word (again) “Due to unusual activity” Only to be told I’d used that pass work before How many pass words am I meant to remember if you ask every time I use it to change it. After doing so (again) it froze and did not return me to my order to complete. Do it all again and once again was asked to then enter PIN number by sms or answer questions “For security reasons.” Then log my phone number but you obviously have because u just sent me a text. Then redirecting me back to my order that took forever. It would’ve been faster and Easier to enter my cc details and deal with the pizza place direct. Pay pal is meant to make it easier not harder
Worst experience ever
MsGne on 2020-02-29
Worst experience ever , PayPal temporarily suspended my account and it has a limitation that o won’t be authorised to withdraw my money ( more than $1000 ) . The reason that I have to verify my information which is already there , however I submitted all my documents online and they never get back to me , I called them and stuff was rude especially Jay was so bad . Money been held for almost one month and certainly my business has been stopped for a month as well . They said wait 7 days , I waited and I rang and then wait another 7 days . Paypal not secure anymore , why don’t you ask for this documents before we sign in . Absolutely disgraceful
Terrible policy
Lowwy on 2020-02-29
It’s actually quite disappointing with PayPal policy and there decision to put my account and wife’s account to limited access. I don’t appreciate any one saying that I’m doing something fraudulently when I’m obviously NOT. If a credit card is in use by both a husband and wife is fraudulent in your policy, then you guys should seriously look at changing this. I’m sure I’m not the only one that only has one credit card in one household. If that is an issue then why wasn’t it bought up when we both signed up with PayPal 3 years ago and have used it regularly on eBay, Netflix etc etc and used the same credit card for both. Simply astonishing
Don’t trust PayPal
Anna Myfitqueen on 2020-02-29
Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t support merchants who use PayPal for clients to pay for personal training as you can’t show proof of shipping a physical product. After giving them all of my business details less than a month ago, they’ve suspended my account again and are asking for the same verification info. I’ve asked for my account to be deleted as I have moved client payments to stripe, but they won’t allow it... useless... I’ve talked on the phone with them twice and live chat twice (which is only a live chat if you’re in the US- I am not).
Good but could be much better.
suzie sheoak on 2020-02-29
I really like the ease with which a Paypal transaction is made. But I really dislike the lack of information receipted, it is really hard to check the transactions. If the company purchased from through PayPal was translated to English, with the purchase item , like most receipts , it would be an invaluable tool. As it is I am finding it totally frustrating as I make several small purchases and I want to be able to cross check, that I have paid the right amount but I can’t.
Money on hold without reason
soso3452735483 on 2020-02-29
I used PayPal upon request by a client who bought an artwork off me, with art as my main income Pay Pal has decided to WITHHOLD MY MONEY for 21 days because I’m a new seller, I have had pay pal for about 7 years and now I want to sell something via them they have the audacity to hold my funds from me ? You are not a bank, you are a money transferring platform, you don’t own the rights to people’s money nor to you own the right to freeze money. Outraged.
Great unless you have an issue
busdi on 2020-02-29
Great until you have an issue. After contacting the seller three times with no response I turned to the PayPal app for help. Well that was disappointing. Can only find an option to contact the seller, which I’ve don’t already. PayPal just do not care and make it very difficult to get any help from them for an issue. There are other options for online payments that may be better at serving their customers than this mob. They certainly couldn’t be worse.
Hokese1 on 2020-02-29
I use this service because most of the time I have too! If u have the choice use any other form of payment bar this! If u are new to PayPal it’s even worse,the BS excuses they come up with to hold your money is unbelievable. Obviously they are making millions in interest off other peoples money! As of writing this I’m waiting 18 days to for them to release my money! JUST AVOID THEM! Would give zero stars if I could

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