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Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can: - Find what inspires you - Easily organize your ideas - Shop based on your taste - Learn from creators - Inspire the world with your ideas Explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality. On Pinterest, the possibilities are endless: Design your cozy oasis. Nail your winter nailscapes. Hack your home organization. Browse your next car purchase. Create a life you love. Why wait? Download today to create a life you love.

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Recent versions are rly bad!!
silentbusride on 2023-02-08
I loved this app back in the day. Then it started advertising and recommending way more pins. Ok, I got used to hiding them and wasted a bunch of time trying to knead the algorithm into something that isn’t recommending me “life hacks” and tacky mason jar wedding ideas. But now, it’s literally just product sales. I can’t even LOOK at a pin or navigate around the app without all these unwanted advertising widgets coming up. This was a site meant to collate IDEAS (SMOOTHLY) — not to keep refreshing into cheap, mass produced garbage products (which aren’t even relevant to the pins). GET RID OF THE PRODUCT INFO META, YOURE ALREADY MAKING ENOUGH MONEY TO WRECK PPLS INTERNET EXPERIENCE.
Rubbish app
Emma Jane A on 2023-02-08
Where do i start with this app? - removing stories was the stupidest move ever - when i go on someone's profile I can't wait any video I select. It has to be the most recent one they posted - when looking at comments i scroll down to close the comment section and then a comment is selected for me to reply too - there should be an option to hide the comment section really - this app has been reduced in quality. - also your support team are never helpful. Removing stories was pointless, why bother having this feature if viewers cant see the created stories.
App scrolls back to top issue
Sarge571 on 2023-02-08
Always loved the app. But for some reason when viewing then closing a pin, the app now automatically scrolls back up to the top of the board. Then the user has to start all over again and looses their place on the board. When a pin is closed the uses should be taken back to the same place on the board so they can keep scrolling. Some boards may have hundreds of pins and can take a long time to look through. Having loose ones place and be taken back to the top only having to start all over again is very frustrating.
great app! but..
🐳🦀billie🦀🐳 on 2023-02-08
great app! i love organising as it helps me relax and feel neat and better about knowing all my interests and things i enjoy are all set neatly into a pile, but sometimes ill set a board in a certain way and i would like a feature of making a subsection (a section into a section). this would be extremely helpful for me to make my organising more specific when needed! other then that i have zero complaints and love this app with my whole heart :)
Annoying refreshing
DoubIe B on 2023-02-08
The app is great apart from one thing- it will randomly refresh to the top of a board when you are scrolling. Every time I exit a pin on a board or even when I scroll down and the board loads more pins, it will take you to the top of the board. VERY annoying. You can’t even look at pins from the middle or end of a board for this reason unless you want to spend 10 minutes having to go from the top every time.
Great app but why did you do this?
A concerned apple costumer on 2023-02-08
I LOVE the app, it’s really nice and easy to start and the people on here are really friendly, but recently they changed it so that you had to have a business account to see the other pin stats, and my question is just why? I really liked having pin stats on there so I knew what content my followers liked, but now I need a business account which I don’t want. Can you please change this?
forced to exit boards when scrolling & option to favorite is blocked
aly$$a0 on 2023-02-08
My no.1 app but: - Scrolling within boards is limited as the the option to minimize the board is quite sensitive and very often forces you to exit accidentally (probably the biggest reason why i can’t spend more time on pinterest) - Occasionally the feature favorite a pin is obstructed and will not allow you to click the star Hoping these can be fixed soon!
This is incredible
you rat and poo on 2023-02-08
So my parents are pretty strict with my iPad and I’m 11 even though Pinterest says it is for 12 plus I would totally recommend this app to older kids teenagers basically anyone over 9 or 10 this app is great if you are looking to start a small or large business to get inspo or just like decorating organisation and stuff it’s amazing 5 stars from me !!
Terrible updates
Meow Maggie T on 2023-02-08
All of these updates makes the app terrible. Every time I click out of a pin in a board, the whole damn thing refreshes and I’m at the top of the board again. Every time I go to my boards, I can only seen like the first 3 of them, before the rest of them are blocked off by my archived boards.
Glitchy but good
glichy but good on 2023-02-08
I have been using Pinterest for a while now and I have an account with a few followers. Pinterest is really good and fun for finding stuff and for having lots of things to look at, but it can be very slow to load sometimes and glitchy. overall it’s great but the bugs are annoying!

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