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Happykamper80 on 2020-01-29
Reddit... I have no words. It's amazing. Users anywhere and everywhere are able to post, vote and comment. I always laugh when I'm on reddit! I truly thing it's one of the best platforms ever! There's honestly nothing wrong with it! I've been reading negative reviews for a single reason which consists of the new notification feature! It is easily disabled in settings on the app. If you can't find it, one single Google search will show you how to disable the notifications. There's really no reason for all these negative reviews!
App Maker 3 on 2020-01-29
Reddit is a really good app because you can see all things that you like, and even good memes if that's what your interested in. I have been using Reddit for a long time and I totally recommend it. There are funny things, cute things, satisfying things etc, it all depends on what your interests are. Not quite the 5 star though. Why? Because I don't believe that any app is ”perfect” but this is pretty close.
App is great but something is missing.
Jhdhxnskdrhh on 2020-01-29
Listen, I love this app. It has opened me up to a whole different side of the web and I love it. The only problem I have with it is that we have been able to save pictures and videos for the longest time. But yet we still can’t download videos with audio, and instead we need to use a bot or screen record it? Please just let us download the videos with audio already please.
Love reddit
Fin._.fs on 2020-01-29
The only social media (kind of) app that feels right. I can get what I want when I want, and there’s a wide range of content at your disposal. Whether it be political discussion (retarded or not), Memes, news, stories, advice, reddit has it all. Sure, they’re are problems with some subreddits, but at least they have their own opinion and space to which they can chat,
Great communities
u/Amp_lex on 2020-01-29
People are judged by their content not fame, not looks, not history. It’s a platform for those who are open minded and creativity and is the source of the internet. Memes are started here, trends and everything else important! Check out r/aww or r/wholesomememes. 5/5
twist teist on 2020-01-29
I wrote an entire chapter of my story and when I posted it it just deleted and it was a very long chapter that i now have to rewrite but still alright and pls make a save thing so we can have projects that we can work on over time thank you for reading
Happykamper80 on 2020-01-29
Reddit... I have no words. It's amazing. Users anywhere and everywhere are able to post, vote and comment. I always laugh when I'm on reddit! I truly thing it's one of the best platforms ever! There's honestly nothing wrong with it!
Good but suggested/trending cannot be disabled
Kestwool on 2020-01-29
The app is fine but the constant suggestions of "related" subreddits and trending subreddits are really irritating and cannot be disabled. The links to remove the suggestions seemingly do nothing. Back to Apollo.
Reddit is amazing
Snipp56 on 2020-01-29
Reddit is amazing because there really is every community you can really think of there is memes animal things tech things art things and much more so that makes reddit 5/5 for me personally and hopefully for you too.
Latest update keeps crashing the app
ScottyFromMarketing on 2020-01-29
I love reddit, this app has been great in the past but the latest update keeps crashing the app. Its basically unusable. I will be using another app until the issue is fixed, which hopefully won’t be long.

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