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Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything. Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else. Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts from your wrist. Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium. Free on mobile • Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode. Free on tablet • Play any song, any time. Premium features • Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer. • Enjoy ad-free music. • Listen offline. • Get better sound quality. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Love Spotify? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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Thanks for features , please add new ones
NFSbugs on 2020-09-19
Hello Spotify Teams, Thanks for updates with new features, fixes, others if possible, Please add “song lyrics” for songs, so can follow them when playing ( such as tap album photo to show them behind ) Discover weekly & Release Radar -> if possible, please can you update playlists, so that songs can get auto added into playlists made for each one ( has songs added from different weeks when song lists change ), this feature would be awesomes to have added instead of me have to find playlists to add them into Release Radar -> please add same option as discover weekly that allows you to add songs to library list or say you don’t like them or artists, cause doesn’t have this added and is a REALLY GOOD FEATURE these features would be awesomes to have available **updated** PLEASE UPDATE ASAP -> Discover Weekly -> Release Radar Playlists are listing 99.99% songs don’t for last 10+ weeks used to be 99.99% songs added each week in lists **updated** MacOS High Sierra / Mojave + “official Spotify app”, so can listen to music through your app on them also 1. "combine all daily playlists into main mixed playlist" and add option to "Randomize songs played in main playlist" or "Play songs below, when ones above finished" 2. option to add songs from different playlists at same time into "main playlist with all songs added from them", cause only let's me add one at a time, which is hard when you have 2000+ songs wanting added into main playlist 3. option to add songs from playlists Spotify creates into different playlists at same time cause only let's me add into one at a time, which is hard when you want to add same song into different playlists 4. add option to ask Siri to -> play songs by saying --> song name or --> artists name or --> ask Siri to choose song or artist to play -> add songs to --> playlists created or --> new playlists created 5. add option to edit "username", cause it's not letting me. 6. get all "albums" for each artist, or get all “deluxe albums” for each artist with extra songs not only some albums, cause songs from ones you don't have 7. add "champions" song to F.A.M.E (Deluxe version), cause it's not showing 8. update, so you can add songs to multiple playlists at same time, can only find option to add one at a time 9. update, so you get a new -> your discover daily mix every day with different songs mixed in playlists 10. would be if I'm able to choose genres, then Spotify creates playlists from ones chosen 11. add option for playlists to Mix songs up ( similar to option which plays random songs in playlists ), so same artists songs aren't after each other when added to playlists -> cause this would help me with having to add one song at a time by artists so they aren't grouped together 12. add option to change playlists made / move them up or down in list section 13. add option to refresh Playlists -> Discover Weekly -> Release Radar -> Your Time Capsule , cause doesn't always get songs that and have to wait till gets refreshed next week to see if any ones get added into them 14. add songs from tv series and movies -> main theme songs -> other songs in series cause want to add them to playlists, so can listen to them with others 15. have Song lyrics for each song, so shows them when song plays 16. option to have all songs in video version also -> some songs have this added to them 17. option to change profile photos 18. Browse, then where Genres & Moods categories are, add “DJ category”, where DJ’s have their playlists / songs added, cause this would be awesomes feature to have available, and would make it soo much having them in “dedicated section” PLEASE ADD BACK ASAP 19. ( don’t like songs in lists ), cause SOOOOOO MUCH than ( multi step process to NOT play songs / similar songs in new lists that get created ) for -> Discover Weekly -> Release Radar -> Daily Mixes -> others Playlists 20. add option to clear everything in “recently played lists” at same time, cause takes sooo long doing one at a time after you touch “edit” PLEASE ADD -> clear all recently played songs and -> let you “multi select” ones you want to remove from list by having option to tick next to them 21. option to add new songs to playlists created by searching for them in filter bar at top —> same as when you search for playlists created —> so its easier to add them, instead of having to search for it through sooo many created 22. add options to add all songs ( ones after removing ones ) from these playlists -> Discover Weekly -> Release Radar into multiple playlists created at same time, cause would be sooooo much faster / , instead of adding 30 songs each time into each playlist 23. Please update app, so that when adding songs to playlists created “app tells you songs already added in lists wanting to add, so that you don’t have song duplicates + in playlists”, cause doesn’t have this feature added 24. Please update, so that when you tap song album covers, it shows synced song lyrics for ones playing, so you can see words for them also -> show lyrics for song playing in same color ( red / blue / white / others ) or -> change lyrics for song playing to different colors ( red / blue / white / others ), after starting off as one of these colors Updated 25. songs that hide in playlists , always show when lists change with new songs each Friday, Monday and doesn’t show new ones anymore and don’t want these ones shown in any lists again -> old system used for this worked soo much , please bring it back ASAP and replace it with version using now that fails 100%+ for me each week / never works right and miss new songs should get each week in playlists -> Thanks Spotify Teams
My Go-to app!
vangelina on 2020-09-19
I don’t mind paying for what I love. I want you to pass my two-cents on to the higher ups. I am planning on getting the apple one subscription service, and I do use apple Music. But only as an addendum to Spotify. I love the way apple does their lyrics. I love the access to the library. It’s the player that plays my personal music content. However, Spotify has a much superior service and feel. I love how a playlist will continuously play and I don’t feel like I need to babysit the app to enjoy it. I love the curated playlists! Waay better than apple’s. The ease of accessing artist and album info is a feature I use often, and it is so clunky on apple that it takes all interest and enjoyment out of it and I go searching for the song on Spotify... I do wish the apple TV Spotify experience was as fluid and effortless as it is on my phone. What I don’t like is that I cannot sign in once and expect it to remain signed in. My spontaneous “I want my Spotify now” mood gets squished with the annoying log in request(I pay for premium family, add my tv to that “family” and keep it logged in) And then once I log in... a feature we love is the queue. Why can’t I queue music on the tv interface? So depending on my particular music mood, I have to leave my beloved playlist and trudge over to apple Music where I can queue up my vibe or the kids can add their choices. I do like how on Apple TV music, once music is playing I can scroll up to the albums and run the cursor over the albums to pick the song I want next. With tv Spotify I’m stuck with the static button options. That’s no fun. Anyway. My point is... you are both valuable subscriptions and apple consolidating simply means that it’s more within my budget for my family but it will not change my listening habits because I prefer Spotify. Focus your lawyer money on making your service the best ever. Don’t worry about what another company is doing.
WE NEED A BLOCK FUNCTION Only app I use for music
ANGRY783 on 2020-09-19
There is STILL no block function. PLEASE PLEASE ADD ONE. It’s so great to find music via friends but AWFUL when harmful people can follow you and stalk your listening. WE NEED BLOCK FUNCTION NOW. I will change my review once this is implemented. People who this doesn’t effect don’t hesitate to download this app it’s great :) Expensive if you want premium, but for how often I make use of being able to download music it’s worth it. I’ve got over 2000 songs downloaded that I can listen to anywhere. The general features of the app are really good as well, I appreciate the “liked songs” playlist and all the recommendations under each of the playlists I’ve made, there’s weekly releases and recommendations. I also really like the “top 100 songs of 201X” that’s really nice and a bunch of other features that make the app really useful. Wish the app would implement features that people request such as being able to merge two playlists, etc. Otherwise pretty good app.
What we are all looking for but still needs a lot of debugging..
Xavier4unow on 2020-09-19
Great app with a lot of potential. Sometimes it all seems to work and it’s a real kick when it does. Great to go from device to device and together with Airfoil I can control my whole house, deck, bathroom, shed, boat and car. Some attention can be given for multi users in the same house. On the one hand it has to do with Airfoil and on the other hand Spotify for stability. Also controlling “Likes” on multiple devices is very random and often does not work with multiple different inputs and layouts. At times it all works like a charm and sometimes it’s lacking some real attention to detail. Overall can be a first to tackle a modern day household in terms of music in the house streaming. No one has ever done that (a real working multi-media streaming app) Good luck with it all. Let’s not imitate windows or mac in terms of making something work for the client, including flexibility and control over the layout and settings.
#freejuslikeste on 2020-09-19
I really miss my Spotify account, it was hacked on August 4th 2020. I remember it like it was yesterday because I stopped working immediately and called support, but they couldn’t recover the account only give me a free one. The days feel like weeks because I keep waiting on my top 2020, I was so looking forward to it this year. I miss my daily mix and I can’t really sleep thinking about how long it will take me to build up all the memories I had since I opened my account in 2016. I’ve moved out of my home, travelled and grown as a person all with my the company of my Spotify account. So If anyone can help me recover my old account .. that would be nice! Thanks. #freejustlikeste
5 star review
as3thmikhvrxwzrnu,ingvxe on 2020-09-19
Spotify is a brilliant free music app, it has basically every song on the planet. For young kids to adults, you can find out if the song has a swear word just by looking if there is an E in a box. Although I did say that Spotify is free there can be a lot of adds, you can pay Spotify premium and you will most likely get a lot of emails on switching to Spotify premium. I do still get emails about it even though I have Spotify premium. Spotify has songs for party’s, study or just chilling around the house, you can even make your own playlist and listen to your favourite singers song! If you want a music app Spotify is your best bet!
Needs less ads it’s frustrating
underline big HA bus bus on 2020-09-19
Has too many ads. Literally for every roughly ten minutes of music there is an ad. And the supposed listen to an ad and get half an hour of uninterrupted music DOESN'T LAST HALF AN HOUR. Originally got Spotify because had less ads then YouTube and could do more but looking at going back with YouTube music seeing as it doesn’t matter anymore get same amount of ads. And not everyone can afford to buy premium so even if they just cut down how many ads there are to like an ad every 20 or so minutes would be amazing.
Good on ipad but not on iphone
gdgdhshbs on 2020-09-19
So its a good app and i will deal with adds but on ipad you can skip as many songs as you like and you can play songs on repeat and your playlists dont always have to be in shuffle but on iphone YOU CANT DO ANY OF THAT and its really annoying because sometimes i just want to listen to one song but i cant and it’s annoying i really wish you could so can you please add the same features to iphone as you have on ipad thank you for your time Anemone
It’s great but the ads are
cagbkscbbi on 2020-09-19
I mean, I love this app. I’m broke and can’t pay for premium so i understand that I have to listen to ads. However, some of the ads are just downright gross. The taco bell (I think it was taco bell) and kfc ads have someone chewing and moaning directly into your ear. The sounds are very gross and make me feel sick. I have to actually take my earphones out of my ears.
Needs some work
theprinceoffools on 2020-09-19
Not gonna lie, on the iPad, it’s great, because you can make a playlist and listen to the songs that YOU choose in the order you chose them. Whereas on the phone, you make a playlist, and you don’t have a choice what songs come up when, and you even get songs played to you that you didn’t put on the playlist, and you can’t remove them, it’s very annoying.

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