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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Join the conversation! Retweet, chime in on a thread, go viral, or just scroll through the Twitter timeline to stay on top of what everyone’s talking about. Twitter is your go-to social media app and the new media source for what's happening in the world, straight from the accounts of the influential people who affect your world day-to-day. Explore what’s trending in the media, or get to know thought-leaders in the topics that matter to you; whether your interests range from #Kpop Twitter to politics, news or sports, you can follow & speak directly to influencers or your friends alike. Every voice can impact the world. Follow your interests. Tweet, Retweet, Reply to Tweets, Share or Like - Twitter is the #1 social media app for latest news & updates. Tap into what’s going on around you. Search hashtags and trending topics to stay updated on your friends & other Twitter followers. Follow the tweets of your favorite influencers, alongside hundreds of interesting Twitter users, and read their content at a glance. Share your opinion. Engage your social network with noteworthy links, photos and videos. DM your friends or reply in a thread. Whether you chat privately or go viral, your voice makes a difference. Get noticed. Twitter allows you to find interesting people or build a following of people who are interested in you. Maintaining a social connection has never been easier! Beyond chatting with friends, Twitter allows influencers to build a personal connection with their fans. Speak directly to the people who influence you - you may be surprised by how many answer back. Build your profile: *Customize your profile, add a photo, description, location, and background photo *Tweet often and optimize your posting times *Post visual content *Use hashtags in your Tweets *Draw in followers outside of Twitter Track What’s Trending Discover top trending hashtags and breaking news headlines. Follow media topics, Tweet threads & live videos, to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening. Whether you’re interested in sports highlights, pop culture memes or politics, Twitter is your source of information. Join a community Find like-minded friends or explore interests you never knew you had. Get informed on the topics that matter to you, whether your interests are mainstream or niche. You can share content or be a fly on the wall; either way, you’ll discover something new each time you open the app. Find your voice on social media - download Twitter today! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions: We share device identifying data with some advertising partners which may include app opens that happen prior to signing up. Please see here for more details:

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a cesspit of vile and illegal content
malevolentharrison on 2022-12-02
twitter and it’s moderation team must be smoking methamphetamines. the sheer quantity of abhorrent content on their platform is one side of the problem; the other, is how pathetically little twitter does about it. thousands of communities and hashtags dedicated to terabytes worth of disgusting and illegal content run rampant; with an absolutely minuscule effort to curb it. twitter’s reporting tools are seemingly intentionally very difficult to navigate, and twitter support turns a blind eye to some of the most disturbing and felonious videos and photos ever seen. and these communities and hashtags aren’t just esoteric. hundreds of thousands of views accumulate on some of these videos within hours. it’s absolutely heinous, and change needs to be made asap. swift and heavy hitting legal action will possibly be taken shortly.
ABC State Election Coverage
Clifton Hill Pie on 2022-12-02
I have rejoined Twitter to vent my bitter disappointment of last night’s biased and unprofessional conduct by Tamara Oudyn’s as co host with David Speers of the Victorian State Election coverage on the ABC. Her obvious disregard of the comments by panel member and Deputy Premier, Jacinta Allen was appalling. When the Labour Party was elected to govern for another 4 years, there was minimal congratulations. Her disappointment was there for all to see. I believed the ABC to be impartial but the choice of Oudyn as co host of the State Election Coverage was a serious error of judgement by senior decision makers and must be investigated. She is clearly not up to the job! Respect and impartiality please Aunty!
Andyburga on 2022-12-02
Are you interested in being a dictator, fascist, misogynist or all around racist? Then this is the app for you! Now featuring our “freedom of speech” agenda you too can have an audience larger than the great dictators of history to corrupt youth and the vulnerable for a better future. Let them know how you really feel with reduced moderation and enabling of your views. You deserve to be heard and with supreme leader Elon running the show we’re bringing back all your old favourite bigots who were suspended so you can hear them too! What are you waiting for? Bird is dead.
Not safe for anyone not straight, white and rich
Kabbaway (Small YouTuber) on 2022-12-02
Billionaire scamming people into paying for Twitter just so their own followers can see their posts. Letting slurs go rampant while squashing minority voices. Laying off workers left, right and centre causing even more to quit. Elon Musk never worked a day in his life. He's the ultimate nepotism baby living off Daddy's emerald mine money to buy his way into big companies and take all the credit for their success. He can stay salty that his wife left him for a trans woman. Let his little midlife crisis be his undoing.
Happy user now that the platform is less censored
Muscle for Life on 2022-12-02
I had Twitter before and removed it when some prominent politicians were removed. Not because of who the politicians were but because social media should be censored for criminal activity. Not political beliefs and medical beliefs. It’s great that Twitter is removing known pedophile rings and allowing free speech. I would hate to find out that Apple removed such a great platform only because of lack of censorship.
Apple needs to take action
girlzero on 2022-12-02
My twitter account just got permanently suspended after twice responding to Apple ads on the app with the question’ is this the best platform for your promotion’ and a ss of an account ‘Against Jewish Supremacy’. This account has remained up despite attempts to report it and its posts. If you want yr ads to be next to accounts that whip up hate, then be clear you are financially supporting hate campaigns on Twitter
Allows murderers and bad people
capybara #1 fan on 2022-12-02
Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer, but he is allowed and accepted on the platform and verified. Elon musk replied to libsoftiktok, a transphobic and homophobic twitter account run by Chaya Raichik, who has caused the death of hundreds in the LGBTQIA+ community. The fact that these people are allowed on this platform but non-transphobic accounts are often suspended for no good reasonings it appalling.
See ya you leftist woke muppets
i might go bact to ebay on 2022-12-02
How good is it to tweet and not be censored or fact checked. These woke leftist muppets crying lol. Won’t be surprised if woke Apple bans the app cos they’re for this woke agenda and peadophilia. It’s great to have freedom of speech, and not be shutdown just cos one barking blue haired muppet from the left is offended.
Thanks for unbanning Andrew Tate mr Elon Musk, came in swinging wit a strong w
KutthroatSosa on 2022-12-02
Just rating 5 stars & using twitter because they unban Andrew tate & I want it to reflect in the ratings & statistics that free speech on social media is what the people want, I wanna support Elon musk’s mission with twitter. Thanks for unbanning Andrew Tate mr Elon Musk, came in swinging wit a strong W
New User Experince
DJCarrison on 2022-12-02
New to Twitter. Took some time to familiarise with the User Interface. On-going improvements are helping - well done Elon and Team. Huge advocate for free speech and based on the direction being set this platform truely does have the potential to be the modern town square.

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