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Delicious eats. Delivered easy. Hungry? Get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed. Eat what you like, where you like, when you like. Find the local flavours you crave, all at the tap of a button. Browse local restaurants and fast food favourites for inspiration. Or get just what you’re looking for by searching for a specific restaurant, dish or cuisine. Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. If you're hungry for it, try Uber Eats. When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll see your delivery address, an estimated delivery time and the total price including tax and booking fee. Tap to seamlessly pay with your Uber account, or add a credit card. Track your order in real-time as it heads your way. Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Bogota, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Nashville, New Delhi, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and more. Not in your city yet? We hope to be soon! Head to for a current list of all the cities we serve.

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Mandatory Tipping and charging credit card instead of voucher
Tennisplayer234 on 2020-08-10
My partner just had a disgraceful experience through Uber eats. Had a $25 Uber cash voucher to use, selected the food totalling about $28. Uber app would not let her proceed with order as whenever she said she didn’t want to tip it would take her back to the previous page. She thought it was a glitch however everyone in the office suffered the same issue so it is obviously built into the app. Didn’t tip and ordered on the browser site selecting Uber cash as payment method. Uber proceeded to take the total amount out of her credit card. Disgusting from Uber and no clear option to lodge an issue until the order arrives. Please whenever possible don’t use Uber Eats to order food, order directly from the restaurant to support them and ensure their employees are paid a fair wage.
Greedy app
Leesabear1980 on 2020-08-10
No way to correct your address if you make a typo, even before the delivery driver arrives. I called the driver and gave my address, as well as messaging it to him, and even though he knew where I was he still deliberately went to the wrong address, waited the five minutes, then took my food. He was only a minute drive away - coming to the right address would have been faster than waiting the five minutes. Even worse, when I told uber about the behaviour they still charged me in full for the order and suggested I call the driver next time to let them know - even though I had and they had my chat notes to prove it. When I made this last point to them, they sent me a message saying too bad. Why is there no function to correct your address?
Poor service
Mrspasi on 2020-08-10
Had an issues with the delivery person as they couldn’t follow simple instructions, well also being heavily pregnant in the hospital (birthing suite) the delivery person cancelled my order. I’ve asked for a refund but apparently because I didn’t answer my phone I can’t get a refund. I have sent screenshots of the amount of times I tried calling and the person didn’t answer he actually switched off his phone and answer after he cancelled the order. The 24/7 help team were no help as they only get one side of the story before making a decision, I will never use this app EVER AGAIN. POOR SERVICE, POOR COMMUNICATION AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM.
Was regular user on 2020-08-10
On a wet and cold Perth evening,a young lady on a BICYCLE delivered food for Uber last night along dark sometimes hilly roads for approx 4/5 kilometres.Poor lady was exhausted and had obviously had some issues along the way and it was no surprise that she was rather late and the bag containing my food was saturated with meat fat that had overflowed.I do wonder how much that lady was paid for that trip? Is that what we have come to? And to top it off when I went to tip the young lady 5 dollars the stupid Uber app wouldn’t work. Uber should not permit bicycle trips at night over such a distance.
Uds12 on 2020-08-10
I like to complain , that u have to chase my orders ,and drivers are to incompetent to look at at GPS it is not rocket science!! And then to get abused, I could not find my Adresse......... please if Australia post can fi d it !!!! Stop be lasie do your f.... job read the street since and the the rest !!! I am paying a lot of money for a service and I have the chase my delivery, because people are lady and then I get abused because people can’t read or use GPS. Sad learn English that would help we all had to do it !!!!!!!!
Horrible service and customer service
nckthmpsn on 2020-08-10
Options, availability and service has free fallen despite a global situation that should have put them in an incredibly fortunate position. Greed has driven them to ignore these issues, starve their ‘delivery partners’ of every incentive to provide good service and block any attempt by customers at reaching out for help via support avenues. Every attempt at giving uber eats another go has ended in frustration and i’m now happy to pay more to use restaurant’s own delivery services.
Can’t select payment method anymore !
gr433 on 2020-08-10
I used to love the UberEats app but it’s gotten rid of the option to choose payment method before putting through the order. I know there’s the option to switch after but I don’t know which payment method is being used until after the order has been processed. I use my account with my work colleagues and we’ve taken turns to pay for meals before but this now prevents me from ordering alone at home because I don’t want my colleagues to be charged accidentally.
What a shame!
Cassi3H* on 2020-08-10
Many of my friends have raves about Uber eats and so I figured after being exhausted from work and no food in the house this would be the perfect opportunity to order Chinese via Uber eats. Waited 45mins as the estimated delivery time, 10 minutes more goes past and I get a phone call from Uber eats saying sorry your order has been canceled. So now an hour later and in a worse situation then to begin with. Never again. Thanks but no thanks Ubereats
Asian flavour house
Deano2703 on 2020-08-10
The dumplings were far from flavourful. In fact I defy anyone to say they were hand made. They we unseasoned and flavourless. They were also doughy made from too much wheat flour and not enough rice flour. I say they came out of a frozen packet because they looked like that were made from a machine. If an Asian restaurant is going to have dumplings they should make them themselves. So upset and disappointed by this order. What a waste of money.
Terrible app
Awesome dwarf123 on 2020-08-10
Uber eats used to be a lot better but it’s been getting increasingly worse with long wait times this is not a 1 time thing it’s happening consistently I’m not sure if it’s delivery drivers just saying no to the order or just less driver being available for delivering the food but having to wait an hour and a half for food that used to take 30 mins tops is outrageous. Will give Uber one more chance otherwise I’m switching to a different app.

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