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Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Easily listen to music - play your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route ◦ Drive with Apple CarPlay - use Waze on your car’s display ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used:

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Ruined by advertising and UI annoyances
AnotherStar491 on 2021-01-16
Solid navigation and routing, but has some of the most annoying behaviours in any iOS app: 1. ADVERTISING: Ads pop up while driving that cover parts of the map. There is no obvious way to dismiss the ads and no way to disable them. Absolutely unacceptable for Google to prioritise profits over road safety. Just how much more money does a trillion dollar company need anyway? 2. ALWAYS ON: Even though I have Waze set to access my location only "While Using the App", once I start Waze it is always running, always using my location, even if I'm not navigating anywhere. The only way to stop it is to tap the search icon and then the sleep icon. This is the ONLY iOS app I have ever used that I need to "turn off". 3. PINCH ZOOM: Panning around the map and pinch zooming OUT works fine, but pinch zooming IN sends the map wildly off course miles away to a random location. Why this bug still hasn't been fixed after all these years is beyond me.
Need some updates
lucyykayye666 on 2021-01-16
I’ve been using Waze for years in Sydney NSW as an avid avoider of the police, I find it useful. NSW is also about to implement speed cameras without warning and Waze will be vital then. I’ve noticed a lot of red light cameras that have turned into ‘safety cameras’ (also clocking speed) have not been updated and still listed as just red light cameras. Also in the new M8 tunnel there not listed yet and could be more accurate in the M5 and M4 tunnels. Routing can be improved also. I never drive without Waze running and has definitely helped me avoid police many a time
Everyone needs this app
Liizbird on 2021-01-16
Legit this is the best navigation app you can use. It alerts you when reported police are ahead, speed cameras, if there’s a traffic jam Waze will find the fasted route to get you home or wherever you’re going. I’ve told all my mates that they need to download this, and they all love it. I’ve been using Waze for 3-4 years, and I’ve never used any other navigation app since.
Automatically mutes CarPlay!
denno201 on 2021-01-16
Was working fine, but for the past few months whenever Waze opens while using CarPlay in my VW Golf, all audio is muted. I need to go to radio then back into CarPlay every time my phone is connected to hear the car’s radio and use Waze. Extremely annoying and makes me not use Waze.
Off centre!!
Bowrider145 on 2021-01-16
Been using Waze and recommending it to family, friends & work colleagues. However it now is off centre (to the left) and you almost loose your vehicle on the screen? You also can’t see any warnings etc on the left side of the display #why?
Awesome app but a few bugs
AU XAG on 2021-01-16
Great app. Just needs a bit of work on some bugs such as it not notifying upcoming speed cameras, I had to re download the app due to this which is just annoying. But over all an amazing app and would totally recommend it to everyone.
Used to be great
Valo265 on 2021-01-16
Waze used to be great, but doesn’t work properly on the latest iOS version when using Apple Car Play. App fails to sync location after plugging back in after a stop, only way to fix the issue is to force closure and restart.
Great app!
Cudaim on 2021-01-16
Exceptional! Real time alerts. I always have this in while I am driving on Apple car play. It is a must have in my opinion. A big thank you to the developers of this app.
Best for Traffic
Mattie G on 2021-01-16
It’s so far proved to be the best for reporting traffic in my area. Where I live, there’s a large network of users. So vehicle stops and traffic is frequently updated.
Great Idea, but will kill your iPhone battery
Sm8rty on 2021-01-16
I’d give this more stars and use it more often - if the app wasn’t such a battery muncher. Makes my iPhone 11/iOS14 get really hot. Please debug and resolve.

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