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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Cross the city in wingsuit. Close the buildings to gain to score all the points Only 1% can do it !

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Wind Rider
PTDOT2 on 2020-05-31
Thai game is fun and relaxing but there is too many advertisements and it is really laggy for all players. Overall this game is okay but I wouldn’t recommend it to those hardcore type players.
Ok game and could be better
BelladonnaSwanson on 2020-05-31
This game is pretty good and fun but but make some updates
I like this app it’s is good
mary aubrey on 2020-05-31
This app is good for my kids when they need to pass time
Please make more realistic
defaultslayer6087 on 2020-05-31
Please update and make more realistic
Love it
wingglide man on 2020-05-31
❤️Love it so so good ❤️❤️
To laggy
Kelstonian on 2020-05-31
Good game but very laggy

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