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What is going on?
Mscash1 on 2020-11-26
I absolutely love YouTube. But the amount of cyber bullying by hate channels directed towards people who have crime channels just because they have an opinion on certain cases and discuss it with subs etc is appalling. I have come across a few channels where all they do is make videos with other creators names as the title and the videos are full of horrible threats, they are full of harrassment and are misleading. Channels like Martin deehan, fit of crime, Kelly the advocate to name a few are very disturbing and quite frankly very worrying to the public who like myself love watching crime channels and each time I log in their horrid videos come up full of abuse and slander towards crime creators. This needs to be addressed as some of the people who sub to them can be mentally unstable and who knows what they are capable of doing to the targets creators by the above?. I know by reading comments that they have been reported many times but no action has been taken as videos are being posted daily. This platform should be allowing free speech discussions on crime channels that shouldn’t warrant the above slander and hate videos being made.
Was good, not anymore
Robnoxious_77 on 2020-11-26
You tube now pushes ad’s on everything, even videos that are not marked for monetization. What this means, is that creators can no longer make a living off this platform, since the scope of ad’s is now so broad. The ad’s are extremely intrusive, often ruining otherwise good videos. Combined with their vague community guidelines, sudden and often unjustified banning of channels and content, their algorithm which rapidly pushes users into echo chambers and their blatant pushing of main stream media sources (which everyone knows is just state sanctioned propaganda), it has become no better than watching mainstream cable tv. Youtube WAS the defacto video sharing platform, but these days, there are much better alternatives, like bitchute and rumble. It is no longer about creators, in fact, I don’t think they care about creators at all anymore. If you can, avoid this whole hot mess. Give it another 1-5 years and youtube will just be an ad server for corporations. Avoid. It’s rapidly become myspace 2.0 with no “my”.
Design fixed!
Just-Jared on 2020-11-26
EDIT: Thank goodness they changed the design back. Please never try that design again. Please change the design back. When you’re casting, the queue now blocks 1/6th of the screen so it’s a bother browse other videos to add to the queue. There was no good reason to move the notification button. Now you can’t access your notifications when your in the middle of a search. You have to exit the search window so that the notification bell shows up. Also, what’s with making all the icons more difficult to differentiate visually? Whoever is in charge of all these new design missteps needs to undo/revise everything. Don’t prioritise some postmodern idea of “aesthetics” over function. Also, the queue banner when you’re casting now blocks the bottom of anything behind it, so for example if you scroll to the bottom of the comments, you can’t read the last comment! Seriously, did anyone even test this new design?
doyouhaveaflag on 2020-11-26
TWO PRE ROLL ADS? UNSKIPPABLE? CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTING THE VIDEOS? INCREASED FREQUENCY OF THESE ADS? I HATE IT. mostly I refresh video until it stops playing preroll adverts because I am so sick of the constant interruptions I don’t want to give any attention or patience to the adverts. When it used to be one advert or something short or skippable it was a little more tolerable but this is untenable, esp when creators struggle to stay monetised while youtube can slap whatever in front of their videos. The constant changing of how monetisation works messes with the content creators I wanna see and the algorithm is basically useless for recommending me new videos because of the type of video it thinks I should be watching is so different to my actual tastes, my feed ends up being mostly video I’ve already watched.
I can’t stream because I ‘copied someone’s live stream’
Taylor1224566 on 2020-11-26
Hi this is Knucklebuster27 on YouTube. I really like the app and it is so fun, but there is one problem. So I am allowed to live stream because I did a few things and all of that. But after 12 live streams I got a notification saying that ‘I copied someone’s content’ when I literally streamed Fortnite on my own. I am very furious and would demand for me to have another chance. Is this how it is. Banning YouTubers from streaming video games because they were copying someone’s idea. Not cool man. I have told you multiple times to let me livestream again and you gave me an email saying you would do it between 24-48 hours. 72 hours had passed and I tried to livestream and it said “cannot livestream because of copyright”. Overturn this right now otherwise I’m going to change this 5 star to a 1 star. Goodbye.
Geuwnsjaj on 2020-11-26
I really love the app I do but why is it so hard to delete a YouTube account you guys literally stressed me just do DELETE an account I think that all this should take is one simple button on setting saying “delete account” and I didn’t even end up deleting my own account I sat there for half an hour trying to figure it out and btw I have a phone so none of your tutorials helped so I didn’t delete my account I just deleted my videos and and logged out. I REALLY THINK THIS SHOULD BE FIXED thank you.
Latest update still has bug in it
Patriot 7 on 2020-11-26
Update after update but yet you haven’t fixed anything. Pull you fingers of you backsides and fix the issue with this platform ASAP. This is the worst update ever . Rather than making Youtube run smoother it is worse that a others before it . The Latest update is too slow to load up and when a video starts I have to go and change the quality setting for better viewing quality because in many cases the quality is at or near the lowest setting. Fix these problems Youtube .
Leaving Comment to Interact with Media Player
Corporal Turtle dweeb on 2020-11-26
We should be able to access the video by; rewinding, pausing, altering playback speed etc. all while having text in the comment line. I have on countless occasions needed to copy and discard a half done comment in order to find a timestamp or revisit a moment in the video to leave a better comment. Perhaps a lot will have to be reworked in the comment section, but I know I’m not alone in wanting this convenience.
Uninvited censoring
inkyoto on 2020-11-26
As if obnoxious ads have not been enough, Google have decided to become the judge of what their users are entitled to watch, even if it concerns mere historical videos - now one must sign in - just because Google wants to track you and your personal preferences in the name of being "politically correct", you know. "Do no evil?". Please spare us. Yeah, do not evil to your shareholders.
Way to many ads!
kyla.b on 2020-11-26
There are way to many ads making the videos un enjoyable I get 2 ads around every 3 minutes or every time I click on a new video the ads are also around 1 minute long each making it not worth it to watch a short video please fix this I understand you are getting payed to promote these companies shown in the ads but it’s just to much making my experience of YouTube quite frankly terrible.

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