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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Jigsaw puzzle, a classic game for mental training and time killing. Just drag the jigsaw pieces to the right place and repeat until the last piece is completed. Quite easy? Come and enjoy the journey of puzzle solving! FEATURES: - Free classic jigsaw: Enjoy jigsaw puzzles all for free! Numbers of new puzzles will be updated regularly. - Tons of puzzles: A variety of puzzles in 7 groups which include Nature, Christmas, City, Food, Art, Cute and Hard. - Up to 400 pieces: Jigsaw as you like! Choose a picture and divide it into 16 to 400 pieces, and you can also turn on rotation to have more fun. - Relax and fun: Classic games to accompany your leisure time! Play jigsaw anytime and anywhere, and when you leave the game, your progress will be saved automatically. Download now and become a jigsaw master!

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