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Arrival shows you travel times and helps you to find the best and fastest routes to your favorite locations. You can get turn-by-turn directions in a tap. The app is your personal driving (and walking) assistant and displays current traffic conditions, your estimated time of arrival and the distance you need to travel. Arrival proposes different routes and recommends the best route to you. AVAILABLE FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES Furthermore, Arrival is not just available for your iPhone. It also offers an Apple Watch, iPad and Mac app. We deeply integrated iCloud sync and handoff into the app. HANDOFF All your favorite places are shown on all your devices. Using handoff, you can view the driving (or walking) time to your destination on your iPad or Mac and get instant turn-by-turn directions on your iPhone. GREAT ON YOUR APPLE WATCH On your Apple Watch, you can simply raise your wrist and get instant turn-by-turn directions in a tap. DIRECTIONS Directions are available in your car and when traveling on foot. QUICK Arrival is quick. You don't need to search for your favorite places anymore. Instead, we focused on minimizing the taps and time required to start navigation. With built-in navigation apps, it takes up to a minute until you have found what you are looking for. With Arrival, this is done in a matter of seconds. GREAT COMPANION Arrival is a great companion to the navigation apps you love (e.g. Google Maps or Apple Maps) and is available as an iPhone, iPad and Mac app. Furthermore it provides a great notification center widget.

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