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Bliss Fit will be your partner in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals by providing personalized home workouts and easy to follow meal plans and recipes. Customize your workout plan by choosing how many times you can work out per week, how long each day, and what your fitness goal is. All of our workouts include previews, step-by-step exercise instructions, and warm ups to ensure proper form and reduce chance of injury. Our plans are designed to be both effective and different each time so you never get bored. Choose from 3 fitness goals: - Lose weight plan is designed for weight loss and muscle toning - Build muscle plan is designed for building muscle and getting stronger - Get fit plan is is designed for improving overall fitness and building endurance Once your workout plan is setup, then time to take our meal plan test. Our plans not only include 3 meals planned out for each day, but also a guide and tips and tricks on how to build healthy eating habits and maintaining a proper diet. Some of our meal plans include: - Clean eating - Mediterranean - Summer body - Vegan - Paleo — SUMMARY OF FEATURES — - Personalized workout plans based on whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, want to get stronger, or want to lose weight and tone up! - Comprehensive meal plan test to match you with the best diet plan for your lifestyle and dietary restrictions - 180+ high definition exercise videos - Detailed exercise instructions to achieve perfect form - Weight tracker to track your progress and results - Connects with Apple Health (Settings -> Health App Sharing) At Bliss Fit, we are always working hard to create new features for you to help you reach your goals faster and easier. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with feedback and suggestions to make your experience even better. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service -

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