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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Enheart uses theme of hearts to easily take fun pictures or edit. You can add "heart" to the pictures you take with Enheart, appearing with a shape and location just as if someone pressed "like" on Instagram. Also, apart from heart shape, you can use many different themes to create images when pressed for “like”. Share your favorite pictures on Instagram. People who see the pictures will probably not be able to do it without pressing the heart. Take pictures and share with Enheart and get tons of “likes” on Instagram! 1. Providing up to 20 free heart themes You can bring the heart to the camera to take pictures or make new image with heart by loading previously taken picture. 2. Providing heart guide Take pictures with heart on the location of your choice on Instagram. 3. Follow on Instagram You can get great ideas to get more “likes”.

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