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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



◉ TOGETHER WE STAND! Go and start by running with only one alone and gather friends on your way to get a massive gang! Move forward and lead your gang through challenging obstacles. Plan your strategy on the run to save as many of the gang to final clash! ◉ PASS THROUGH THE OBSTACLES! How far can you go in this challenging city operation! Dodge wrecking balls, trash containers, and lots of variations of sand piles and be sure to cross the finish line with as many people as possible. ◉ LOAD YOUR GUNS FOR FINAL CLASH! Get your gang moving and shooting their way out until you reach the gate at the end of the level. Shoot down the rivals in the ultimate battle and don't let them escape with helicopter! ----------------------- HOW TO PLAY ----------------------- ◉ UNITE with friends as much as you can ◉ AVOID obstacles ◉ CRUSH gold bars ◉ LOAD your guns ◉ CLASH against rivals ◉ SHOOT 'em all! ----------------------- FEATURES ----------------------- ◉ Gang warfare city game ◉ Incredible amount of unique levels ◉ Dangerous obstacles and full of roadblocks ◉ Aesthetically pleasing graphics ◉ Smooth as butter game controls ◉ Joyful bullet hell and explosions ◉ Lots of rewards and gifts And we are just beginning, and we will keep updating the game! Lots of levels and new features are coming soon! Do you have the crazy tactics and the courage to make your gang win all the battles! Download the game now and show them how you rule the city today! We are valuing the amazing feedback that we get from all of you! Please leave your feedbacks and reviews, we are listening and working very hard to making the game even better!Thanks for playing!

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