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Jul, 2020



Here comes the only app that can shoot, edit, and save in one go. With its convenient interface, never-before-seen editing tools, and powerful Dropbox-supporting album, 'HYPELIGHT' is the newest arena to unleash your passion for creativity. SUPPORTS 3D TOUCH (iPhone 6s or 6s Plus) - From the icon, you can immediately get to the camera, editor, and Selfie Mode. - Get a sense of the shutter’s dynamics with a reduced delay time. - The Albums have Peek & Pop support. THE MOST INNOVATIVE MOBILE CAMERA - Instant Timer: Press and release the Shutter Button to buy yourself some set-up time. - The Latest 3D Touch Shutter: Press the Shutter Button a little harder and shorten the wait. - Single Exposure: You can even capture light or the flow of time. - Double Exposure: Mix two photos together for a varied effect. - Manual Mode: Accurately adjust the white balance, shutter speed, ISO, focus, etc. Like your favorite DSLR, easily save your own settings for next time. - Split: Using various frames, act out fun and unique scenarios. - Ghost: Shoot with the photos from your camera roll as a guide.Use with the blending tool to create fascinating photos. - Selfie: The perfect mode for selfies—It makes your skin look softer and gets rid of any acne. Try out all the different options. - Viewfinder: Switch between screens or go in reverse. - Timer: Swipe the Shutter Button to swiftly use the timer. You can turn it clockwise to control the timer delay, time in-between shots, and how many shots. THE NEWEST PHOTO EDITOR - Batch Edit: Choose multiple photos to quickly edit all at once. Discover this tool only on HYPELIGHT. - Auto-Filter: This is the fastest way to polish up your photos. HYPELIGHT arranges the filters to make it easy to use. - Customized Filter: Choose a preset filter, edit the effects, and save it separately. Now you can try out the fun with your own filters. - High Performance Editing Tool: Provides the tools to precisely change the photo’s shadow, color, and details. Get the feeling of professional quality on mobile. - Powerful Color Editing: Adjust the exact color, or spontaneously use completely different primary colors. - Mask Tool: You can closely mask your subject to what you want, sensing your outline. Additionally, that mask you painstakingly made can be saved and used next time—Very convenient. - Save Your Progress: After editing, save your work and come back to it later. - Easy Album Access: Instinctively switch from the Camera to your Photos to your Album. - Custom Album: Make a folder and use Dropbox to bulk upload your photos—Go ahead and edit your PC photos.

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