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Jul, 2020



★Minecart Chase★ Harrison Jones, a world famous archeologist, has found mystic 'Frozen Diamond' in the shadow of Temple. but army of darkness want it too. When he escape from temple, though, army of darkness also found him, Now it's up to him caring 'Frozen Diamond' From temple to UFO before it's too late. He has a mine cart with speed and diamond energy will give you boost speed. he needs your control to escaping from evil. and Explore exotic locations, find hidden keys to get more item. 'Minecart Chase' a breathtaking adventure to the unknown! 'Minecart Chase' is speedy casual arcade game. just touch and hold to slide down Use the hills as jumps - slide down, and Jump up high to sky precise moment touch release and let cart fly on mysterious temple valley. Until UFO has shown Jump up go on~! Highlights : ♣ Control Mine Cart Jump up go far away and escape from dark chaser. if you can make 'Great Slide' it gives additional boost power ♣ Treasures. Collect Gold Coin and Gold Key. Upgrade your mine cart or New Cart ♣ Mission Complete over 50 missions to get more Gold Coins. ♣ Upgrade Tune up your cart ability Speed, Power, Control, Energy and Head Starter etc. ♣ Valleys. The Temple Valley is changing everyday, and Each level has special condition has set up on stage.

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