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Jul, 2020



NUMBER PAD IS ON SALE! 50% OFF! Number Pad is not only the best number pad on the planet, it’s also a smart one. Number Pad enables you to type numbers and calculations much quicker and autocompletes them for you. No matter if you are messaging someone, calculating your monthly expenses or noting down your grocery list, Number Pad will calculate for you. Right where you are. There is no need to switch apps or search for your calculator. GREAT FEATURES: -Number pad with big buttons: With Number Pad it’s much easier, quicker and intuitive to type numbers. -Smart number pad: Write down 10+5 and Number Pad will autocomplete it. And Number Pad is also not afraid of (10.234325+34578.234)/34213.321. Try it! -Type in your language: Number Pad knows how to format numbers correctly. -Secure: We respect your privacy. Number Pad does NOT need an internet connection. It does NOT transmit the numbers you type to a server. Everything you type will NEVER leave your phone. Number Pad is the perfect keyboard for everyone. Type and calculate the shopping list, homework, fuel consumption, scientific calculations, spreadsheets, financial statistics and everything else you can think of. Number Pad will enhance your iPhone and iPad. There is so much we want to tell you but we can’t find the right words for it. Just take a look at Number Pad and watch the video.

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