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Jul, 2020



Piggy Bank makes it easy and fun to save money. NO MORE CREDIT CARD AND DEBT PAYMENTS Tackle your credit card payments and eliminate unneeded debt. See where all your money is going and reduce your expenses. SAVE FOR BIG PURCHASES Do you want a new car or a fancy holiday? See what you can afford and save for it!a DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT SPENDING MONEY As long as there is some budget left, feel free to spend it. You are reaching your saving goals! APPLE WATCH COMPLICATION Today's budget, right there on your wrist. Just a glance away. HOW IT WORKS - Track your regular income - Enter recurring expenses (rent, insurances, gym,...) - Enter a savings goal (e.g. 20%) - Piggy Bank calculates a daily budget for you. PRIVATE The app does not connect to your bank accounts. Your data stays private. We cannot access it. Never! When iCloud sync is enabled, it is stored securely on Apple servers.

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