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NOTE: This application is designed for the Structure Sensor accessory. Learn more at Unlock your Structure Sensor's full potential with Calibrator! Calibrator precisely aligns 3D depth from your Structure Sensor accessory to your iOS device's camera. This enables better full-color 3D scanning, accurate realtime occlusion in AR games, and optimal performance of the Structure Sensor in all Occipital applications. A simple user interface guides you through the calibration process in just a few minutes. Calibration results are saved to the accessory and are immediately accessible in other apps. This application requires the Structure Sensor accessory. Device Compatibility: ========== iPad: Calibrator supports all recent iPad models with Lightning connector (starting with the iPad Air, released in 2013). Requires corresponding attachment Bracket, which can be found at: [] iPhone / Bridge Headset: Calibrator supports iPhones 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X (no Plus models), when used with the Bridge headset [] iPhone / Custom Cases: Calibrator can be used with custom 3D printed iPhone cases. All iPhones with Lightning connector are supported. iPhone 6s or newer is recommended. []

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