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* Thank You for your feedback! We are glad that visiting these temples have helped you! * We have researched on the temples which are said to have powerful gods who solve your life’s problems. Here is the complete list of problems we have covered in this version of the app: 1. Temple for financial problems 2. Temple to conceive a child 3. Temple to get married early 4. Temples to get visa of foreign country 5. Temple to achieve success and fame 6. Temple for winning court cases 7. Temple to get life partner of one's choice 8. Temple to get better education 9. Temple to get a permanent job 10. Temple to cure diseases 11. Temple for Epilepsy, Paralysis problem 12. Temple for Eye Problems 13. Temple for Leukoderma problem 14. Temple for speaking / hearing problem 15. Temple to have support in difficult times 16. Temple to have safe travel 17. Temple for mental illness By surveying with some devotees we have created a list of problems, and the temples you should visit to solve these problems by offering prayers and devotions to these gods. We have made sure that we can give all the possible information of these few remote temples and we will be constantly updating these information as we go. By our through research we have also tried to get the directions for these locations, important phone numbers, websites and whatever history is associated with these temples. *These temples are also visited by people having different religious and cultural backgrounds, and these gods have also blessed these devotees and have changed their lives forever … *As this data has been collected from various surveys and research, we cannot guarantee a result for the out come of your devotions, this is merely an app for guidance to the information about the existence of such temples.

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