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Jul, 2020



Features: - Best in class Arduino 101 controller. - Read & write digital pins. - Read & write PWM pins. - Control SERVO motors. - Read analog pins. - LCD: you can send any data from Arduino to your mobile app. - Terminal: you can send any data from mobile app to your Arduino. - Assign action sheet: To do action with the recieved data like turning flash ON or send notification or trigger output switch. - Super easy user interface. - Remember last status of the pins. - Change the mode of the pin (Output, PWM, SERVO or Input). - Automatic connect to Arduino. - Ability to rename the label of each pin. Applications: - Smart Home. - Automation. - Hoppy projects. - Schools & university projects. - Remote control. - Robots control. Requirements: - Arduino 101 board. - Arduino sketch : Youtube:

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