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Engage your kids and family with the Bible with funny and faithful Games & Activities. • 300 Games & Activities on 60 Bible Stories narrated with comic strips.Top100 Trivia/USA • Help kids learn the stories better, get the point and remember forever in an enjoyable way. Bible apps: My First Bible Books, My First Bible Games, My First Daily Prayer, Children's Bible, Children's Bible Games, Children's Bible Daily Prayer, Teen's Bible +5.000.000u. worldwide! • Try before you buy: FREE different games on Bible Stories. What is it? ------------ • The app contains 60 Bible Stories, each with 2 activities & 3 games plus the story in comic book format. • 300 Games & Activities for kids aged 7 and up. • 60 Sunday School lessons based on Bible Stories (list: What's in it for me? ------------------ • If you want to keep your kids engaged in the Bible Stories, this app is for you. • If you are looking for a faithful resource for effective Bible teaching, this app is for you. • If you want an aid to learn visually, improve memory and understand better, this app is for you. How can I know my kids and I will like it? ---------------------------------------- • Just try for FREE! • "It will give you, as a parent, an opportunity to play with your kids and to share bible stories along the process." • "Parents & teachers will find the App extremely useful." • "Barcelona Multimedia has a proven track record of creating popular Christian apps for children. Their previous apps, “Children’s Bible Books & Movies” & “Children’s Daily Prayer” are strong sellers in the App Store." • "If you are a Sunday School teacher, or someone who wants to engage their child with the Bible and Jesus teachings, this is a great app to have in your arsenal." • "Use these games with your children as a complement to planned Bible studies or as part of devotional exercises." Activities & Games --------------- Read & share the stories, solve the activities, play the games, puzzle & complete your Bible sticker album. For each story you'll find: • The Bible Story with comic books featuring only Scripture texts. • An activity with a visual quiz to focus on the key points of the story. Use it as a daily lesson and have fun! • A fine-art trivia question with a Bible quote & 3 biblical works of art. • 3 games (easy, intermediate & advanced) to get the key point of the story. All the activities have been carefully and faithfully created with the utmost respect for the Bible to help a kid read & learn about the Scripture. Bible translation: Good News Bible from American Bible Society. Features ------- • Universal app for iPhone & iPad. • 6 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian & Catalan. • Buy the games with in-app purchases. • You can use it offline. Purchase once, play on all your devices! ----------------------------------- Once you buy a game, you can keep your purchase forever. Tap “Settings” and then “Restore purchases” to restore them on all your devices (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch) with the same Apple ID. Reviews ------ I teach Sunday School and children learn best through hands-on activities and live visuals. I keep them engaged and interested with all the resources I can find and these games work really well. Cindy 11 KIDS’ FUN & FAITHFUL BIBLE APPS FOR CHRISTIAN FAMILIES & SCHOOLS ------------------- • 365 Bible Stories 0-6yo • 365 Prayers for Kids 0-6yo • My First Bible Books 0–6yo • My First Daily Prayer 0-6yo • My First Bible Games & Activities 0–6yo • The Activity Bible for Kids 0-6yo • Children's Bible Books & Movies +7yo • Children's Bible Daily Prayer +7yo • Children's Bible Games & Activities +7yo • The Activity Bible for Kids +7yo • Teen's Bible +13yo Contact ------ Please note that we cannot reply on the App Store, so please use the email [email protected] if you need assistance.

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