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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



2,136 OFFICIAL JŌYŌ KANJI (日本常用漢字) ! SPECIFIED BY THE JAPANESE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ! LET'S LEARN HOW TO HAND-WRITE THEM ! THIS APP BREAKS THEM DOWN STROKE BY STROKE ! • SPIN THE WHEEL TO EXPLORE It's so easy and natural. • REAL HUMAN VOICE Including the alphabet, it plays them all. • ENGLISH MEANINGS All 2,136 characters have their meanings in English. • ADD TO FAVORITES Save the character you like for the future use. The App lists Hiragana(平仮名) and Katagana(片仮名) and 2,136 most-used Kanji(漢字) with their readings. You can select the character in alphabetical order by clicking “kanji” in the menu bar. When you get a hang of the Japanese handwritings, your understanding of the Japanese culture will improve naturally. The App has the complete 2136 Japanese characters (Kanji): 亜, 哀, 挨, 愛, 曖, 悪, 握, 圧, 扱, 宛, 嵐, 安, 案, 暗, 以, 衣, 位, 囲, 医, 依, 委, 威, 為, 畏, 胃, 尉, 異, 移, 萎, 偉, 椅, 彙, 意, 違, 維, 慰, 遺, 緯, 域, 育, 一, 壱, 逸, 茨, 芋, 引, 印, 因, 咽, 姻, 員, 院, 淫, 陰, 飲, 隠, 韻, 右, 宇, 羽, 雨, 唄, 鬱, 畝, 浦, 運, 雲, 永, 泳, 英, 映, 栄, 営, 詠, 影, 鋭, 衛, 易, 疫, 益, 液, 駅, 悦, 越, 謁, 閲, 円, 延, 沿, 炎, 怨, 宴, 媛, 援, 園, 煙, 猿, 遠, 鉛, 塩, 演, 縁, 艶, ... ... And the complete Japanese alphabet: あ, い, う, え, お, か, き, く, け, こ,...... ア, イ, ウ, エ, オ, カ, キ, ク, ケ, コ,......

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