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Dec, 2019


Dec, 2019



The fun of shooting game, to all the people. 【 Prologue 】 A large state ruled to the world by powerful force. A nation and people were eliminated who do not obey. But a small nation revolted. That nation manufactured unbelievable weapons by an offered technology from out of the planet, and overwhelmed the large state by the power to separate the space freely and the weapon that is superior to the performance. The large state resume a suspended project. "Project Limit" It was a fighter plane said to "steer impossible". A prototype was complete, and a excellent soldiers were select out from an Air Force. But nobody able to bring the fighter's real ability, and all were shot down. One soldier said. "That fighter is only him …" A once, there was an excellent soldier in the Air Force more than ace pilots of the past. "Return to the Air Force." The order arrived to the former soldier, but he refused. A government of the large state exercised powerful authority to him. The former soldier was take part in unwished the war. 【 Charge and Ad 】 No charge of add ( money ) in the game. No advertisement. 【 Thing used for development 】 *MacBook Pro 15-inch *Xcode (Swift) *Logic Pro X, FL Studio *Pixen, GIMP, Microsoft Office

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