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* You want to find ALL your favorite mangas in one place? Try Manga Café and its 54 sources!! Find ALL your favorite mangas, and enjoy the best manga experience on IOS! * NO Ads and NO in-app purchase! Buy Manga Café once, install it on all your iDevices !! * The best Manga Reader for iPhone AND iPad. Created by fans for fans! To try it is to love it !!! Manga Café was designed with one goal in mind: providing the best experience for manga fans ! You can read your favourite mangas in Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian!! Manga Café is the best application for manga addicts !! It allows you to read mangas and comics online from 55 different sources, to check for spoilers, release dates via the table of contents of your favourite weekly manga magazines, to download these mangas for an offline read, to search mangas by barcode, author, and a lot of other things !! DOWNLOAD NOW!! Online: - Read online from 54 sources - Latest chapters updated in real time ! - Download mangas and comics for an offline read - Search mangas and comics by barcode, name, author, etc. - Access to your favourite mangas Offline: - Download directly to your library - Manage your library - File Sharing - Manually mark your mangas / comics as Read or New. Supported File Types: - Supports PDF, ZIP,RAR, CBR, and CBZ. File Sharing/Transfer: - File sharing by email - Ability to transfer files by WebDav Server - File sharing by iTunes Other Features: - Polished interface - Best reading experience - High definition - Page number display - Customize other features

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