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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



[Global Webtoons / Webtoon Service] - We provide diverse webtoons translated into many different languages. [Sometimes leisurely, Sometimes all at once] - Full of ongoing webtoons to completed ones! - You may see webtoons to your liking with the recommended themes. [‘Waiting for Free’ - Check webtoons with the clock icon] - You will receive a free ticket for an episode if you wait. * Refills only happen when the scheduled time passes, after reading an episode.   [Endless Benefits] - You can receive free tickets through surprises and different events!   [Selecting Content with Different Languages] - Now meet many different languages with the select language function in our webtoons. * Contact Us : [email protected] [Guidance for Application Access] Access privileges • Camera : Used when the user’s profile photo is registered. • Notice : Used for push services. • External Storage (Optional) : Permissions are required for downloading episodes to your device. *Other than the specified functions stated above, ToryComics will neither collect or save any information without the user's consent. ​ ​

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