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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Enjoy observing our Earth with the Moon and the Sun on the background of the Milky Way. 在銀河系的背景下,享受用月亮和太陽觀測我們的地球。 A really relaxing method to calm down in a stressful moment! 一個真正放鬆的方法,可以在壓力時刻平靜下來! - Very realistic Earth with relief, clouds relief and shadow and altitude, Earth night side with diffuse light in clouds, storms effects in the clouds in the night side, Sun reflection on water and eclipse and sun masking, Earth atmosphere effect, Moon relief and eclipse and shadow on Earth, the all ones on background of the Milky Way with all the objects in the sky, a perfect solution to become aware of the beauty of our environment ! - You can rotate around the Earth by dragging with one finger and zoom with two fingers. - Let's choose different camera types with top right buttons: free or orbital or geostationary. - Pause the animation with the top left button during a breathing in and a breathing out. - Hold down the bottom right button to speed up the animation. - Depending on the capacity of your device, the definition and the effects will adapt. Take care of you, your family and friends, and the Earth mother !

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