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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



iBird Pro is a self-contained, take-anywhere-no-Internet-required app that turns your iPhone into a field guide to birds of North America. iBird offers a search engine designed for identifying birds plus a neural-network feature for identifying birds from any photo. What birders say they love about iBird the most is its premium-quality encyclopedic reference to every avian species in the United States, Canada, the Hawaiian Islands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the unique island nation of Palau, which should be on every birder’s life-list. iBird follows conventions of the 2019-20 American Ornithological Union (AOU) standard. iBird inspired Apple to feature it in their famous "We have an app for that" videos. (go to: Why? Because, most notably, iBird offers functionality not found in books or most other birding apps. ILLUSTRATIONS. Accurate drawings are a must for the correct identification of any bird. Only iBird has full-size, high-resolution, hand-drawn, field-marked illustrations for every species. These composite illustrations contain images of the male, female, juvenile, bird-in-fight, and other variations in plumage based on age or location. PHOTOS. Unlike other bird apps, iBird contains a growing library of over 4,000 photographs, allowing you to see the species in multiple settings and real-life environments. No other birding app offers both illustrations and photographs. FIELD-MARKS. Another way iBird enhances your birding experience—a detailed field mark layer that exists for each illustration can be toggled on or off to highlight important identification characteristics. MAPS. iBird has Range Maps for every species that show where the bird spends its time throughout the year. SONGS. To enhance your ability to identify any species, iBird contains over 4,000 birdsong and bird-call recordings. These are super-useful to confirm an ID or when you can hear but not see the bird. PHOTO RECOGNITION. iBird's amazing Photo Sleuth feature takes advantage of modern AI-based photo recognition techniques to identify any bird from any photograph, even a poor-quality, fuzzy photo. See how Photo Sleuth works: SMART SEARCH. We’ve saved the best for last—iBird's patented, comprehensive Percevia™ nature-based search engine that will turn novices into bird ID experts. The search engine comes with 35+ characteristics of birds that can be searched (e.g., body-color, GPS location, habitat, bill shape, song type, etc.). Unlike most birding apps, no Internet connection is required to use iBird in the field—it has a self-contained database of all content. iBird Pro’s architecture is now “consolidated,” with four countries contained in its database: North America, United Kingdom, and Ireland, Hawaii, and Palau. More databases will be added to iBird in the future. In addition to all of the features we’ve mentioned, iBird Pro comes with these additional features: Birds Around Me (BAM)—shows just those species within a radius surrounding your GPS location, Percevia™ smart search—a patented feature that helps you identify birds just like the birding experts, Time-of-Day—lets you search for birds by activity levels during day or night, dawn, dusk, etc., Owls of Mexico—includes illustrations with field marks, range maps, songs and calls for 16 remarkable Owl species. Version 12.7 adds 5 new illustrations—to see these go to Search > Illustration Update > 12.7. More Details of iBird Pro Version 12.7: EULA:

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