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Sep, 2020



精选唐诗与唐画 《精选唐诗与唐画》为“中国传统文化精粹”系列多媒体电子书中的一本。“诗中有画”和“画中有诗”是唐代诗人和画家努力融通诗画艺术的创造性成果,形成了中国诗歌与绘画艺术的优良传统,反映了中华民族独特的审美理想和文化精神。 本辑精选了40首唐诗,英汉对照,注有拼音,并用唐代的艺术绘画与之相配,利用音频、视频、动画、互动游戏等形式,让读者从听觉、视觉上对中国的诗词、绘画有更多视角的体验,共享唐诗唐画的诗意之美,同时也可以学习汉语语言文字。 Selected Poems and Pictures of the Tang Dynasty These poems and paintings represent one of the peaks of such culture occurring in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It gives readers the impression of “paintings in poems” and “poems in paintings”. This has since become the fine tradition of Chinese poetry and paintings, reflecting the unique aesthetic ideals and cultural spirit of the Chinese nation. Selected Poems and Pictures of the Tang Dynasty is one of a series of app under the general title of Chinese Traditional Culture Series. There are 40 Tang poems presented in both English and Chinese with Romanized pinyin notes. The adoption of audio, animation and interactive games in this app allows readers to enjoy the contents by use of both their eyes and ears, thus seeing the beauty of Tang Dynasty poems and paintings. It also offers an opportunity to learn the Chinese language.

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