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Fongo World Edition is the best way to call Canada and the world! WHAT YOU GET WITH FONGO WORLD EDITION • Your own local Canadian phone number - choose a number that you like! • Unlimited calling across Canada's 10 provinces and to any Fongo number anywhere in the world • Unlimited global incoming calls and incoming SMS text messages • Unlimited Fongo-to-Fongo texting, including group and picture messaging anywhere in the world • SAVE your Canadian friends and family money by giving them a Canadian number to reach you at. ADDITIONAL FEATURES INCLUDED • Visual Voicemail • Call Display • Call Waiting • Call Forwarding • Conference Calling • Call Transfer • Receive Faxes • Sync with your existing contacts and Facebook friends • English, French and Chinese language support LOW INTERNATIONAL CALLING RATES • 2 Cents: United States, China, India, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Romania • 3 Cents: Poland, Portugal, Greece, South Korea • For more calling rates, visit our website at • Use Fongo World Edition outside of Canada with an internet connection! • If you're travelling abroad, avoid expensive long-distance and data roaming charges by connecting to WiFi before using Fongo to call or message. Once you're connected to WiFi, call to anywhere in Canada's 10 provinces, or call and message other Fongo users, for free. From anywhere in the world. HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT • UNLIMITED: No need to buy or "earn" additional minutes and texts by watching videos, downloading other apps or filling out surveys. Just purchase the app and you're good to go. • CANADIAN PHONE NUMBERS: Purchase the app and get a local Canadian phone number so your friends and family in Canada can call you, without having to pay for international long distance. • CALL ANYONE: Landline or mobile, domestic or international. FONGO INTERNET USAGE When you're connected on a call, Fongo uses 0.5 MB per minute, so a 500 MB data plan will get you 1000 minutes of talk time. If you're calling on WiFi, you can call nearly for as long as you'd like. When you're not on a call, Fongo uses a minimal amount of data to listen for incoming calls. IMPORTANT • Support Devices: iPhone (iOS 12.0+), iPod touch (iOS 12.0+), iPad (iOS 12.0+) or Apple Silicon Mac (MacOS 11.0+) • To use Fongo World Edition, you must have an active internet connection (cellular data, WiFi, or wired) and you must create a Fongo World Edition account. If your data signal strength is weak or your connection speed is slow, this app may not function properly. • Ensure that your WiFi network or cellular carrier supports VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) traffic. • If you disable notifications, you will not receive incoming calls. • Questions or need help configuring your device? Tap Support on the Account screen. • Have an idea how to improve Fongo World Edition? Tap Feedback on the Account screen. • We are charging a nominal fee for the app to cover the one time cost of the Canadian phone number. SOCIALS Twitter: @Fongo_Mobile Facebook: /fongomobile Instagram: @fongo_mobile Fongo World Edition does not support 911 emergency calling.

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