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Friends Widget is a fast and fun way to share the moment with your friends on your phone Home Screen! LIVE PHOTO MOMENT SHARE • Friends Widget opens the Camera — just tap to take a live photo. • Send live photos to your friends, they will appear in Friends Widget on your friends' home screen. • Stay in touch with friends through live photo widgets, or share your daily pictures with friends share groups. FRIENDS SHARE GROUP • Friends Widget is just for your closest friends, photo share with up to 10 friends at once. • To keep things friendly, you can only add up to 10 friends on the app. • Pick your favorites and share them with friends. MEMORIES • Save unlimited photos and videos of all your favorite moments. • Share your favorite memories with friends and family. • Build up a history of pictures you’ve sent your friends. • Scroll down to travel back in time and explore your History. Happy Sharing on Friends Widget! • • • If you have any suggestion, pls contact us at [email protected] Enjoy your Friends Widget sharing on your phone home screen! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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