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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Virtual doctor app which tests your mind power and helps you to increase it by daily playing this outbox game. Try to find all 8 pairs with a minimum number of turns to get the best score. Mind each image position carefully before touching another one. RULES: - Total of 16 close tiles - At time maximum 2 tiles can be open. It will automatically close if it does not match. - If both open tiles are matched then that will be removed from the board. - Chosen 2 symbols = 1 turn STYLES OR GAME-TYPE: - Marvel Styl - Animal Style - Emoji Style - Flags Style - Sea Animal Style - Zodiac Style - Colour Style - Shape Style ADDICTED FEATURE: - There are different styles of games - Shape style and Color style images used - Astrology symbol images used - The score is shown on history - Best background game sound - Memory tester The game will count your total turns and your success match. You can also check your last 5 high scores. Let's test your memory with the help of Dr. Memory.

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