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Giveaway Picker by Tikprize is not affiliated with TikTok or ByteDance LTD, TikTok or its affiliates. Giveaway Picker by Tikprize is the easiest giveaway tool for TikTok. Giveaway Picker by Tikprize, is a tool that lets you create an TikTok contest with all the things you need in only 3 minutes. This tool makes it easy to get your giveaway started! Simple tool to pick winners for your tiktok giveaways and contests. Giveaway Picker by Tikprize is fast and simple tool to choose winner from users who liked or commented on your post in TikTok. This is the easiest way to run your TikTok Giveaways, Including pick winner and get likes/comments. Giveaway Picker by Tikprize app allows you to pick winners in a matter of seconds and lets you create beautiful give away pages with ease. It's a gift for you and your TikTok audience :) Giveaway Picker by Tikprize is an easy to use picker for TikTok Giveaways. Batch pick your winners and have a custom message to show your winners. Chose your giveaway in this app and forget about the rest. It's as easy as it gets! For Contact: [email protected]

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