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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



In today’s world people mostly care about their data privacy and when it comes to their smart phone data privacy they give their 100% to not leak it at all. Students, Adults, Businessmen or any other professionals do care about their smart phone video privacy as family members often tries to get hands on it. Hid Vid – This application is specially designed to save and protect your private videos from your friends and family. Below are the main features of Hid Vid app. Important Features of Hid Vid Password protected – Hid Vid application is designed and developed based on users reviews. This application will increase the security level of your private videos in 2 ways. First at the start of the application users need to add security password to add their private videos. In first screen users can add their less private videos so in case if any of the family members cracked your password (Common password) then you can still be secured. The second way and the most important feature of this application is that users can create secret video album inside the application where they can add extremely private videos. For secret album users can add different password so it can increase the security level of yours and videos too. Add Unlimited Videos - In this app users can create unlimited video albums with unlimited videos. One more important thing is to notice is that once you have added any video in the application from your iPhone gallery then you have to delete it from your gallery else there is no way to secure it. Some more features. 1. Create as much as albums you want 2. Add as much as videos in each album 3. Create secret folder to add extreme private videos 4. Inbuilt streaming player to enjoy videos 5. Recover password using self added question and answer 6. Also available in IPad 7. Delete videos & albums from app 8. Move videos from application to iPhone gallery The application is fully secured and protected so install it now and increase your privacy with Hid Vid.

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