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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



*** Know Your Dreams *** Most of us have had a dream at some point of our lives that made us ask, What did that mean? Do dreams really have a meaning? We can't prove it with science so does that give our dreams a more spiritual side? This application will give answers of all your questions. Not only this, but you can also find amazing information related to dreams, their meaning and interpretations. iDreams Pro application contains below important information related to dreams: - Introduction - Meaning of Dream Symbol (snakes, water, fire etc...) - Why Do We Dreams - Day Dreams - Lucid Dreams - Nightmares Dreams - Recurring Dreams - Prophetic Dreams and other interesting topics. Dreams are like a maze which shows you where you'll find a treasure. You have to learn the dream language to discover that all dream images have meaning and everything in a dream makes sense. What are you waiting for? Just buy this application and start interpreting your dreams!! Kindly share your ratings and feedback Note: Dream interpretation is largely a matter of analogy, although in some cases (which are a minority), it is the law of contraries that applies. This dreams interpretation application suggesting a variety of potential meanings for dreams. It may suites you or not, this is just for information and fun purpose we are not responsible for any information that mismatched with your actual dream interpretation.

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