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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



### Collection of Lovely Poems ### Poems are windows of the heart and they sing the tales of love. It can be considered as an ultimate expression of love. So, if you are thinking about offering them to your special someone, make sure to choose lovely poems that perfectly mirror your heart. The heart speaks the language of love that is best expressed by poems. As far back as the written word, poems have played an essential role in the expression of human dreams and desires. Poets in all parts of the world have always made efforts to explore and express the emotion of love in the form of poems. This Application is a collection of love poems that transport readers to the realm of pure, passionate and undying love; unchanged since the wheel of life has been put into motion. Find best collections of Love poems that can help you to share your feelings inform of poems and can improve the relationship with your loved ones.

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