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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Send your emails now with handwritten text. This will give your emails a nice personal touch. Type on a conventional onscreen keyboard and the app will convert the text into handwritten text. What users say: - This is a lovely little app that is a pleasure to use and receive according to my fellow iPhone friends. 5 stars from me. - It is a must have. All my friends are like "How did you do that?" - Such a wonderful compliment to an email. The reviews I've received back are tremendous. - Love fancy fonts and pretty colors! - So cool, fun and neat Features: - Choose between several handwritten and calligraphy styles and other cool styles, like gothic, medieval, celtic, ... - Change the color and size of the text. - Choose between 20 background patterns and pictures. - Change background color. - Copy the handwritten text and paste it into an MMS or into other apps. (available through the action button) - Switch between preview mode and editing mode (offers cursor positioning for easier text editing, select, copy, cut and paste). - Change text alignment. - Copy and paste (activate editing mode in the settings screen). - Get additional style packs containing additional text fonts and background images (accessible in the settings screen) Follow us on twitter @PlanetBlueArt

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