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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Merge Game: 2048 Number Puzzle is a puzzle game, which can exercise your brain and challenge yourself . Merge Game: 2048 Number Puzzle can help you pass the time with fun when you are free, continuously improve your concentration and keep your brain alive in the game. Merge Game: 2048 Number Puzzle unlike the usual 2048 game. By launching blocks, the numbers are continuously expanded by 2 times. The numbers will continue to increase like a snowball. Be careful not to pile up the blocks with squares, otherwise your snowball numbers will be stopped here, come here and continue to challenge your best record ! How to play: 1. Make the same numbers merge together by shooting them, expanding them 2x like this: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 ...512...2048∞ 2. Use props cleverly to get yourself higher score -Use a hammer to smash the block that obstructs you -Using props to swap blocks, so that the numbers are better merged 3.Collect diamonds when you merge numbers.Higher scores can help you get more diamonds, and more diamonds can help you use props to get more scores. Enjoy fun in our game! 4. High score tips: Combine numbers continuously to get higher scores! Why choose us: 1. Easy to learn, hard to master. 2. No time limit. 3. Play outline at any time any where. 4. You can send your records to friends and let them challenge your records. Merge Game: 2048 Number Puzzle accompanies you through every day. When you wait for the bus, during your lunch break, and before going to bed, you will no longer feel lonely and bored.It's suitable for all ages and suitable for the whole family to play. What are you waiting for! Come download and start the game!

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