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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



MetaChat is a text-only viewer for all Virtual Worlds based on the OpenSimulator/SecondLife© software for 3D worlds. Connection problems please read: There is no 3D view, this is a text-only viewer. This is no mobileSL/OpenSim, it is a viewer for mobile devices but it has the same system requirements than any other viewer. Add accounts from different worlds with different start locations See your friendlist, read messages or write, send teleport invite Add/Remove friends Chat with groups, see group infos or write group notices Chat in open world Move around a mini-map, teleport to landmarks See your inventory/worn, preview textures or pictures, send items Attach/Wear/Detach/TakeOff Clothes Enter/leave groups Add friends/invite/pay/remove Worldmap Follow avatars on map, goto, teleport Share inventory items Upload images You need to create accounts for each world you want to enter before MetaChat can use them. Informations and passwords are only stored local on your device and send to the servers. We do not read, store, manage or use any of these informations. This app is not affiliated/supported with LindenLab the owner of Second Life©

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