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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Privacy is the biggest concern for any Smartphone user and it will become mandatory while your child is using your Smartphone to play games or for any other purpose. Just think about the case when your children co-incidentally access your personal or important images or video files? What if by mistake they delete those important media files? Don’t worry! Just download this “Private Gallery” iOS app and start protecting such important and private files with the pass lock. Private Gallery iPhone app offers many unique features explain below: - Secure videos available in iPhone gallery - Secure videos you purchased and available in iPhone video native application - Secure images/photos available in iPhone gallery - You can share these secured videos and images directly from this Private Gallery iPhone application through social media and emails. - It includes over 10 different display styles to make your visual experience amazing - Manage feature available in this app will allow you to add and delete the secured videos and images from the app. To enjoy all these amazing features, just download the app and create your secure pass lock. Once the pass lock is done, move your private videos and images from your iPhone gallery to Private gallery app. Please note that this application only protects media moved to application and does not secure them in iPhone gallery. What are you waiting for? Just buy this Private Gallery iPhone application and start protecting your videos and images now!

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