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Dec, 2022



***** Stories For Kids ***** Stories for Kinds iPhone application are a collection of best stories that can help you to teach very important lessons of life with funny characters and educational stories. Most of us can recall the pleasure that we experienced when we heard our parents or grandparents tell us stories. Enjoying stories is a basic human characteristic and almost all individuals of all ages like a good yarn. This makes stories a great educational tool. This story book is a great way to educate a child because the child do not feel that you will again start giving a lecture about what is right and what is wrong. If you keep saying things like 'Do not lie' or 'You should be obedient', no child will pay much attention to what you say because they will become defensive and not really learn anything. Instead of accusing children of doing things that they are not supposed to do, using a story which enables them to understand why they should behave in a certain way will ensure that they do not feel like justifying their misbehavior. It is only natural that they will remember stories better than your reprimands. No one likes being told off, thus what was said during the unpleasant encounter will be forgotten. Here is the list of few stories available in this wonder application: - Daddy The Superhero - The Prince Of Thieves - The Broken Angel - My Cat Thinks She Is President And other interesting stories. You may have experienced that kids snatching iPhone for fun and you always have some fear about damage in your device or some important data lost. With the help of this application you can hand over this iPhone to your child with our great Kids stories. They will really enjoy reading without disturbing your other important data.

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